Bahai Cows


Bahai owned cows in "Ivel" a village in Northern Iran were labeled "unclean" and were prevented from grazing with the Muslim owned cows. This did not accord with the natural instincts of the livestock, who continued to graze together.

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Religious Cows!

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Hey guys! Thanks for the humor and the rest of you loosen up! Its a small village! There were some real smart questions.. what happens when the cows mate? I guess one has to convert! How does a cow recant and declare? mooooeeeee? What about other cows? You mean the poor Jews and Christians don't have cows? How come none of the muslim cows wear hijab? and you are all right... Pehen is more useful than the breath of Ahmaghinejad... what happened to Iran? We happened... don't blame anyone else. we were not open minded...we did not debate and share ideas, we did not educate, and we did not care of those more poor... i stand guilty and have no one to blame but me... thanks to Steve for sharing this! see you all in heaven... chin up. nothing is for ever!


Bahai Cows

by yasaminem on

I hope to God that we have a bit of intelligence to fight and educate others who have been brought up to believe such "Khoraafut".  It is absolutely ridiculous to hear of such things in this day and age. 

Please Please educate your children not to have to have history repeat itself and lets make a better world by promoting Education, Unity and Peace.


What Has Happened to Iran?

by Parsagarda on

I remember learning at the Elementary school in Tehran that Iran is a land of many religions and cultures. We may speak different languages and follow different spiritual leaders but we are all Iranians and equal in every way. Now these Non-Iranian Olaaghs who have taken charge of our homeland exercise every prejudice and intolerance against all thing even cows. Ahuramazda, when will we be free of these degenerates? We pray soon.



Are Muslim bulls circumcised?

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by Bavafa on

Paranoia is a natural defense when in company of psychos such as a Mulah that is stock in a Boshkeh or rednecks.



ولله حضرت عبّاسی شو بخواین...........




یک چیز شون مشترکه، حتّی تپالهء هردوشون مفید تر از کسانی هست که سوار دوش مردم هستن!

لا اقل در کشاورزی مدفوع گاو به تولید یک چیزی کمک میکنه و عضو چرخهء تولید هستن، کار میکنن، مفتخوری نمیکنن، ضرر نمیزنن و سر تاپاشون استفاده است (شما یاد بگیر ین حضراتِ آیاتِ بی و با عمّامه)

maziar 58

idiotic as ever

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Saman Ahmadi

the upside is that . . .

by Saman Ahmadi on

baha'i cows don't get wet in a rain storm.


MIB (Pastor Sick)

by divaneh on

I dont mingle with psychos.

mola in boshkeh

Meow Moo Divaneh!

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Cat cow!


Mad Cows

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It shows that mad cows are those who walk on two feet.

mola in boshkeh

Mehrdad. don't be so easy!

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You are paranoid!


pastor Bill redneck:

by Bavafa on

Happy and bavafa hmm?!!!! obviously not, even a moron like you should know that.

It is a common knowledge that abusive and racist environment not only does not result in happy and bavafa, but results often in a Bastard Redneck.


Red Wine


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این اَثرْ اصلاً زیبا نیست و هیچ پیامِ بدَرد بِخوریْ ندارد،متاسفم که دیگر از حُجب و حیایِ ایرانی چیزی باقی نَمانده اَست .شرم آور است که عده ايی این چنین به دِگر هموطنانِمان توهین میکنند و از همه بدتر آن را در فِیسْ بوکْ تکثیر میکنند... وای بر ما ...


Pepsi was haraam!

by ghalam-doon on

I remember when I was a kid, Sabet Pasaal (a Bahai) held the license for bottling and distribution of Pepsi in Iran. We were told Pepsi was haraam since its owner was a Bahaai!

It seems so ridiculous now that I think about it but at the time we were so brain-washed with all these superstitions that we didn't even think before passing Pepsi for Coke.

Whether this story is true or not is immaterial. Nowadays even those in power would say anything to further their agenda:


pastor bill rennick

What happens to the calves resulted from these two

by pastor bill rennick on

kind of cows? Would they be as happy and "bavafa" as other calves?

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

this is really embarrassing.

amaan az khorafat




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کلمه نجس در قراآن فقط و فقط یکبار ذکرشده که صفتی است برای کسی که شریکی به خالق نسبت دهد. اما کلمه «رجس» که معنی پلیدی و تبهکاری را میدهد در مورد کسی است که عقل خود را بکار نمی برد ([خدا] بر كسانى كه نمى انديشند پليدى را قرار مى‏دهد. آیه ١٠٠ از سوره ١٠ در قرآن). بدین حساب بشری همانند احمدی نژاد که امام زمان؟؟؟ را در مدیریت امور زمین شریک خداوند تصور می کند «نجس» است و اکثر مردم ما هم دچار ویروس «رجس» هستند مشغول پلیدی خود د ر یک مزرعه بزرگ. و اگر نه گاو نشانه ای است از رحمت خدا با منافغ بیشمار برای بشر نمک نشناس.

Majid Zahrai

Thank you

by Majid Zahrai on

Thank you Mona19.  In fact I did come across that earlier story when I was doing the search.  It is so shameful.  The Hojjatieh clan have been in charge in Iran for a while and they are destroying so many different things with their dangerous thinking. 

Somehow, I believe those cows would make better decisions than some of the people who are in charge in Iran right now.

Mona 19

Mr.Zahrai ...

by Mona 19 on

Baha'i News (The sixth paragraph from top)

The lengths to which those holding enmity towards the Baha'is would go are perhaps best summed up in an incident that occurred in the mid-1950s when a member of the newly-established "Hojjatieh" society arrived in Ivel. Hojjatieh – a semi-clandestine traditionalist Shia organization – was founded on the premise that the most immediate threat to Islam was the "heresy" of the Baha'i Faith, which had to be eliminated.

When this individual proved unsuccessful in his attempts to drive a wedge between the Muslims and the Baha'is, he endeavoured to prevent their cows from grazing in the same pasture, on the basis that the Baha'i cows were "unclean".

For a few days, the cattle belonging to the Baha'is were confined to their barns while those of the Muslims went to graze. The Baha'is repeatedly referred the matter to the village head, appealing for compassion to be shown to the animals. Consequently, a decision was made to have the cows enter the pasture from opposite sides, so as to respect the decree. This did not accord with the natural instincts of the livestock, who continued to graze together.


Majid Zahrai


by Majid Zahrai on

I have read about the sad and unconscionable demolition of Ivel homes and the increasingly savage treatment of bahais everywhere.

But I have not read about this story with the cows.  I searched the internet to see whether I could find the story but I was not successful.  Could you please cite the source?  Thank you.

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

گاو مسلمان و گاو بهایی .

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

 همانانی که با حربه تفرقه بیانداز وغارت کن اکنون به میدان آماده و از ساده لوحی و بلاهت مردم کمال سو استفاده را میکنند در حالیکه آنان سرگرم زد خورد بین دین بهایی مسلمان یا شیعه و سنی هستند آنان و عواملشان مردم را و کشور را غارت و از بی تفاوتی و بمن چه دیگران نیز کمال سو استفاده را میبرند. از یکطرف بی تفاوتی را دامن میزنند ازطرف دیگر فساد اداری و رشوه خواری و از طرف دیگر نفرت بین ادیان الهی و زبانی و ملی را دامن میزنند. و ما بزودی شاهد این خواهیم بودکه حتی همانطوریکه دیدید گاو بهایی یو گاو مسلمانو بعد خر بهایی و بعدا گاو فارس  گاو ترک و غیره ...خواهیم بود. درخت تو گر بار دانش بگیرد  به زیر آوری چرخ نیلوفری را.  و اگر نگیرد  با حماقت تام زندگی خواهی کرد. و بازیچه دستهای قوی و غارتگر خواهی بود.

i am a bahai too

the world is but one pasture . . .

by i am a bahai too on

the world is but one pasture . . .

I doubt that anyone in Ivel really believes these cows are actually "unclean" . . .this is simply another attempt to isolate the Baha'is there and promote their "pariah" status. God bless them, we know better. 

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

How can we be free with this type of thinking?

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

That is exactly what the politics want. Hate also spread above everything. How a cow can have a religion? Just because belong to a religious person? So a cow that is belong to an Ayatollah shoud be holly and be like a...



by Benyamin on

If the muslim cows pray!