Embarrassed Emam Hossein


Because of the implementation of the targeted subsidies plan and the end of subsidies for water and electricity, we are very sorry that the water cooler is no longer in service.

-- An Embarrassed Emam Hossein

(Original Source Unknown)

12/29/2010 - 11:54


Illiteracy obvious?

by fussygorilla on

It seems that  you are not literate enough or familiar with the Iranian culture to read the sign as you have.  For your information, it is the signature stating the obvious Iranian-style apology to the Imam for not offering water to the thirsty.  Give up distortions to serve your agenda.


Clever Yet rude

by Doctor mohandes on

Rouzbeh jan

Immam Hussayn may very well be ashamed of such horrific ordeal, But proving that was the case, was most probably not the intention of the one behind it. Highly unlikely. One fails, Obviously not you:) to see the certain level of respect and reverence that is usually associated when putting his name out there.

At any rate...


I dont think it is an insult. I read it differently.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I read it as Emam Hussein being ashamed of people who rule in his name, yet fail to supply people with even water (Every Shiite knows of connection between water , Hussein and karbala).

I think this is very clever indeed whoever did it. Turning shiite religious symbolism, one of regime's most potent tools, against the regime itself. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


That IS an Insult

by Doctor mohandes on

That is not nice.

They could have just made the reference to someone else. All these Intentional Mocking of one another's beliefs will end up making matters even worse amongst Our people back home, rather than fixing anything.

I do not need to be lectured about what has happened as a result of zillion years of backward and 2nd century! customs and laws. The point is the maintain a certain level of decency for one another's sacred beliefs.


Jahanshah Javid

Great sense of humor

by Jahanshah Javid on

ham dowlato maskhareh kardeh, ham mazhabo :)))