Taking Iranians Hostage


Cartoon by Arend van Dam,

08/25/2010 - 23:24


Javadagha, How do one get lost?

by عموجان on

Any way how is the weather in Tehran?


What the HELL !!!!

by Javadagha on

What the HELL moftkhor Eye-ranians are talking about here?

Iranians in Iran are for nuclear Iran, power and otherwise.  Now moftkhor Eye-ranians who are hiding in the USA, get lost.

Mardom Mazloom

A realistic cartoon expect one point:

by Mardom Mazloom on

In general people are uglier in cartoons than in real life, wheras Ahmadi is more appealing in this cartoon than what he really looks like! Isn't it?


Grrrrrreat cartoon

by عموجان on

I couldn’t say it any better, it’s look like the foreign political cartoonists are catching up with what is going on in Iran.

It seems the Basiji cyber soldiers in Iran who come on to thissite seen this and understood it well. Too bad they can't grab the artist and put her in Evin.  

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

preemptive war is NOT illegal if it is against a brutal murderous regime like Iran. This regime kills their own citizens with out any hesitation what makes you think they will have mercey on any body once they get the H bomb.  IRI=NAZI  they have to be destroyed before they destroy the free world.

Hoshang Targol

Hate to break it to you all like this, but,

by Hoshang Targol on

all this "War Hype," is to keep all of you distracted from all the real  internal crisis of the countries involved in this farce, US, Iran,...

For the past 20 years there's been countless rumors of military attack on Iran, and we're still buying this crap, ( at least keep posting one related item/per day).

These regimes need each other more than anything else in the world. Just ponder the thought what would big military corporations do without AN boogie man? GO OUT OF BUISINESS. What would IR do without PERMENANT THREAT OF WAR? Should I go on , or you get the picture.

For the Nth time, let us all focus on what REALLY MATTERS, the struggles for freedom in Iran, let us augment, support and enhance these struggles, and the activists who are putting thier lives on the line, for all of us , WITHOUT GETTING DISTRACTED  by all this BS, please.   


Great Cartoon

by masoudA on

and right to the point.

Yet IR goons try to haijack the concept and make this about "nuclear energy" or "Preemtive strikes"...    You IR boyz have zero clue how ridiculous you look in the cyber world - your tactics may work with hungry masses and sandis seeking chanters - but here????  your integrity level must be set to Zero.


to hell with israel and america

by asadabad on

preemptive war is illegal.  israel/us would be responsible for all the ensuing deaths in that war.  iran needs nuclear weapons for its own deterrence.  the "war on terror" is a smoke screen for american global empire.  go read Project for the New American Century from 1998.  

it seems the cartoonist made a freudian slip.  i agree with picture of ahmadinejad holdin a sword. it is a good representation of irans military; weak, backwards, and unthreatening compared to israels 200+ nukes and american strike carriers etc.

the nuke plant took 40 years to build and the missiles are cheap North Korean rip offs.  as the picture suggests, iran has no air force, navy or army, yet it is portrayed in the western press as "overly militaristic/bellicose/technologically advanced".

it raises the question, who really threatens world peace? israel/us with almost a trillion dollars/year military spending or iran with 8 billion/year?


Great Cartoon, depicting the risk Iranian nation is facing

by yousef on

At the hands of islamist fascists.

However, in real life, Ahamdinezhad and entire eslamist regime's leadership would be on a plane loaded with stolen Iranain oil money, heading for Syria,  before the foreign planes even get to teharn.

Sargord Pirouz

The premise of this cartoon

by Sargord Pirouz on

The premise of this cartoon is that the vast majority of Iranians living in Iran are ambivalent towards their nuclear power program, as well as external threats directed towards them.

This is simply not true, so this cartoon renders a dishonest depiction.