I Am Mr. Important


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10/25/2009 - 17:10


... and I want to be like George Bush when I grow up

by Esther on

A Letter to George W. Bush
by Hossein Mostafavi Kashani

You see no one, you hear no one
You are an important person!
So important T.V. shows you every night,
You hold the microphone
And you talk important words,
So important even Satan listens with gape mouth.
Only the flies don’t take you very seriously,
And while you talk
They are busy with their usual work.
They search for dirty, stinking things
And then they rub their hands together
while saliva drips from their mouths.

Flies don’t have a president
but some of them are very important,
So important TV shows them every night.
But they don’t have a microphone,
And unlike you they are not all dressed, making speeches,
But with dirty hands and legs,
They move on Afghani children’s lips and eyes,
The same children on whom you drop bombs
And then send them food parcels.

By the way, how long has it been since you saw a fly?
How many years has it been since you read a poem?
Would you recognize the breeze if it passes you by one day?
Just think! When you were a child, like all other children,
you saw a fresh rose whenever you looked in the mirror.
But now you see an important person
Who will die one day
Even if he is the president of America.
If you were to ask your heart
It would say it doesn’t want to beat in your chest
And be the runway for all the planes
that bombard cities and towns.
For, God has created the heart
Only for love.
So have pity on your heart even if you can’t pity anyone else.
It is an apple that will burst one day
And suddenly you will find your self,
Standing before the gate of paradise, begging
the pieces of your heart
from every single person you killed.
But no one sees you
No one hears you just as you neither see nor hear any person
on TV every night.
You only hold a microphone, and say big words
Because you are the president of America
And a very very very important person!



by yolanda on

I have the thickest skin on planet earth....when people walk out on me, I keep giving my speech...


This is funny! The SNL skit on Ahmadi & his wife saw this too!

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Nice compilation.


I AM....

by shushtari on

THE UGLIEST MOFO on earth....and a disgrace to iran