Retired Colonel

03/16/2009 - 15:49


همسایه ها یاری کنین تا من شوور داری کنم!


 کارتون های محمود همیشه کار گروهی بوده، به این ترتیب که محمود کارتون میکشه «مثلاً» و چند نفر دیگه باید حدس بزنن منظورش چی بوده.....به این میگن «تیم ورک»!

به عبارت ساده تر........
باید چند نفر جمع شن و به نیابت از طرف هنرمند  چند تا «اوومپا لوومپا»  مثل من  رو شیر فهم کنن که .....بابا، احتمالاً منظور ایشون این بوده که........


خدا بگم چیکارت کنه محمود، بعد از هر کارتونت تا چند روز من از خرفتی خودم لجم در میاد!

با همه این احوال......عیدت مبارک




by smart-with-art! (not verified) on

Loosen up guys! This is great and it's very funny! Mahmoud's cartoons are always social commentaries on Iranians in disapora and the changes and the nostalgia they face in their new identity in the west.

I truly respect all of you to be really intelligent and good people, so I believe you when you say you didn't get it. Here's what I understood of the social commentary, hoping that it might help you 'get' Mahmoud's interesting and clever art.

The underlying premise of this piece is for us to know the 'Iranian Sarhang's Wife,' who is the boss around the house.

1. The woman is still the typical 'Iranian Sarhang's Wife,' in the US., still bossing the retired colonel around in their new location.

2. Her requests/commands are the same stereotypical Iranian wife's--sending the man out to get staples for guests.

3. He is still the same seemingly 'Zan Zaleel' Iranian man, who says 'chashm' on the surface but goes on to do what he wants to do.

4. The only difference is that he is now watching a silly Los Angeles satellite TV program (something he presumably wouldn't have been doing if he lived in Iran).

It is extremely funny, appropriately set against our times and situation, and does a very good job of conveying the message.

I loved it!

Thanks Mahmoud!



by capt_ayhab on

my [2 zari] seems to be [kaj] too, I ain't getting it  either ;-)



Sarhang baa oonhameh

by tafseer'eh punchline (not verified) on

Sarhang baa oonhameh 'harto-poortesh' dar doran ghadeem, hala mishineh mosahebeh 'band-tonbooni' ro negah bokoneh, ghabl az inke be kar haye mohemesh (ke khareed kardaneh) bereseh.



by Ghalamdoon (not verified) on

This is really funny: ha ha ha ha ha - Yes :)


Ali P. No, you're not alone....:-)

by Majid on


none, hich chi, zilch, nada, yokh door, abadaa......

no matter where you're from!


Ali Jaan

by Cartoon Expert (not verified) on

The cartoon is the punch line .. Wheren't you raised in Iran?!! - Try not to think as Americans do :)

Ali P.

Is it just me?

by Ali P. on

I just don't see the punchline...

Is there one?


Multiple Personality Disorder

I love it

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I love those facial expressions, and the great dialogue.