The Nude

01/24/2009 - 07:38

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You should submit this to

by Visitor (not verified) on

You should submit this to The New Yorker!


nice cartoon and good nrews from me to all Iranian

by hajiagha on


open my new page

bring your ideas not fohs or bad cartoons or any things harm Iran or Iranian



You men are all the same

by Soheyla (not verified) on

A woman through your eyes and in your mind is nothing but a SEX object. It is more pronounced in Middle East than any other place in this word. So, if you are trying to portray culpable mullahs then you are definitely in a self denial state.


right on

by Amir S (not verified) on

cool one Saman Jan



by Majid, can't log in AGAIN!! (not verified) on're the best...:-)

Keep it up buddy.



by Spaceman on

Your works are amazing, they make me laugh, they make me think and they have strong message...

Simply the best :))


Multiple Personality Disorder

My understanding of this cartoon:

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

The mullah, based on his religion belief, can not directly look at a woman who is naamahram to him, which is why he is standing behind the canvas that blocks his view of the female model. That is why he has drawn her vagina too high, painted where her belly button is supposed to be.

The female model, based on her religion belief, is not allowed to look at a naamahran man who is not related to her, that is why she is looking in a direction away from the mullah. Also she can not show her naked body to a naamahram, that is why she has drawn the image of her breasts and vagina on her chador.

The woman is standing in the sidewalk, the mullah is standing in the street, this is a new way for mullahs to make money, but he will soon be run over by a truck.

Darius Kadivar

Hajji Baba ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Saman Jaan,

That Was Hilarious !

Here is in tribute to your Seximagination ;0)





Keep up the great job

by Happy Boy (not verified) on

You are very talented, and you got your own unique style....
Keep up the great job


bad Art i think its a very

by omar (not verified) on

bad Art i think its a very bad job.


He He He

by He He He He (not verified) on

He He He He
He He He He :) :)
He He He He


This is soooo good!

by Jaleho on

You should submit this to The New Yorker!


Take it easy Zane Irani

by Anonymous-2333 (not verified) on

The Cartoon shows the dirty mind of a Mullah and nothing else!


Sick and sadistic mind

by Zan Irani (not verified) on

What is your point? Insulting Iranian females or the IRI?


Isthe brush made from pig

by Anonymouskosher (not verified) on

Isthe brush made from pig hair?
Maybe next time the artist can draw what is under the cloth. I am sure the man with turbon has some imagination unless he is still virgin


great work Saman

by Anonymous-Amesterdam (not verified) on

Who is the Amameh bh sar? I know the answer but let call it Anonymous Amameh bh sar!!!!!!!.

Jahanshah Javid

Saturday morning

by Jahanshah Javid on

I needed that. Thanks Saman :o)))



by Monda on

YOur art just cracks me up and don't ask me why!