Mossadegh and Shah


Mossadegh: "Hey little man! I told you to be constitutional monarch. But you didn't listen."

01/03/2009 - 15:20



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Buddy can you shpare a shigarette?

Aaaah. Mershi .. Shank you!

Please do not insult the memory of Shanshah Aryamehr. We are quite fond of him.


Appropriate reading

by Nkminea on

Following this discussion I invite you to read the book "Siasateh Nokhbeh Koshi dar Iran".

Behnam Khazar

We have to accept our

by Behnam Khazar on

We have to accept our history and know that we the Iranian people deserve all the previous goverments we had; Shah, Mossadegh and Khomeini.  You cannot pick and selectively choose part  of our history that pleases you.  Unfortunately, we love to make and worship heros, be it Mossadegh to some and Khomeini to others. 

In my opinion, Mossdagh eventhough a great nationalist and democrat, ended up to be the greatest stumbling block in the collective psychic of the Iranian people in the last 50 years.  We do not accept any slight improvement in our fate since we want to measure every politician with the Mossadegh' yardstick.  We have to learn and move on.  We have to learn to live in present and not the past.   

I appreciate any civilized discussion and discourse on this topic.


Not true

by maziar 058 (not verified) on

someone,someday should reveal the truth behind nationalization....(oils off the Brits hands to the hand of Americans)and truly Mr Mossadegh was suffering a sort of parannoia (no insult intended).
and in the photo he is responding to AFP : Quez que vous dire?


caption should continue:

by botshekan. (not verified) on

بابات هم نگذاشت ما قجریها سلطنت کنیم

by the way Dr M never opposed Mohammad Ali Shah's assult on the Majlis either!

now tell me he had no interest to have the Qajar dynasty resumed :(


waste of time

by MRX1 (not verified) on

History has proved that we Iranain people did not deserve either men or even people with
similiar attributes. Look at the kind of government we have now and kind of roaches
ruling us. Now you can spend another 100 years debating flaws of these two guys....


khasteh az da'va bar sar-e gozashteh ha

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

well, but there is nothing left to think and to discuss about. The contemporary times belong allready to those honorable 7ty Million fanatic Mullahs - as they are named by westerns - living in Iran. And the future? Will also belong to them. The proove delivers the youngest history. the Iranian in the diaspora has only the possibility to da`va sar gozashteha whenevr She/He wants to get political, to play the intelectual and to perform some philosophy of deep and complex sence. And the best arena is the "IRANIAN".
I had to day a lot of pleasure as i listend to HASTEHASTE a Declamation in KERMANI accent. However i missed the word AZGIL with a lot of HASTES, which bother by eating. But since the fruit tastes good I would eat Azgil again if i could get some. I do not want to miss these dimensions of "IRANIAN".
Now a word about Dr. Mossadegh. I mean his failure was not having cooperated with Clergy. Greeting
P.s.: I am as little Hizbolahi as all others who ever click on "IRANIAN" and as Mr. JohnJohn himself. These poeple are often titled as hizbolahis. For example because they dare to write the complete name of IRAN as ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN. I think it assualts the true Hizbolahis who live in Iran. They would never click on "IRANIAN".


Masoud Kazemzadeh

by Colonel Hamayat2 (not verified) on

1- Mosadaq was simply kicking it in Europe while Constitutional Monarchy Revolutiuon of 1907 was taking place, as he was one the Elites of Qajar Dynasty.

2-Mosadaq had no problem with the Qajar's kings as he was related to them by blood and always enjoyed being in high positions including the Government of Fars province during Qajar Dynasty.

3- Khozestan province the land of the oil was saved from separation by Reza Shah and General Fazlallah Zahedi.

4-Naturalization of oil industry by Mosadaq was done during The Pahlavi era not The Qajar's
i.e. The Pahlavis were for it 100%, although Mosadaq did that almost purely as an act of populism, he even told Americans he could not back off even though he wanted , or the people of Iran would have been questioning him.

5- What Coup of did take place in 28 Mordad of 1332? Shah removed his prime minister by the rights given to him by the constitutions! Mosadaq did not want to follow the rules!!
Not even one BULLET was fired ! People took him down! if he was so popular why no one in the army or average man on the street stood up for him?

6-Mossaq could have been like Foroghi to the Shah, could have been like a father to the Shah, instead he tried to prison a 32 yrs young king who wanted to be involved with country's affairs. Mossadaq did that cuz of the grudge he held against the Pahlavis for family reasons.

7-Fowzieh and King Farroq , The Egyptian royal family, were of Albanian heritage, and I for one am happy that Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is of Pure Iranian blood.

p.s. Dear Moderator can please unblock my previous id? I will watch my mouth


Ay kash ke az hardoyshan

by JK (not verified) on

Ay kash ke az hardoyshan yaad migereftim o yaad begirim.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

My bad

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Ali jaan,

You are right.  My choice of the word "despised" is not appropriate.  I think your word "opposed" is better.

Best regards,



Ali P.

Massoud jaan

by Ali P. on


   We know of Dr. Mossadegh's opposition to Reza Shah, and the 28 Mordad saga against his son. I don't know if he despised the two, but certainly had a problem with concentration of power in the hands of one man.

   I have not, however, come across any statement by Dr. Mossadegh, anywhere, despising the Qajar Kings. After all, Mozaffaredin Shah was his uncle, and he kept his relationship very civil with his family- as he should have- during his life.

  Also, I have never heard of Dr. Mosaadegh being involved in the Constitutional Monarchy Revolutiuon of 1907, although he turned out to be one of the greatest supporters of the Constitutional Monarchy.

 Please share if you have any references.


Ali P.

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


Nope. Dr. Mossadegh was a true patriot and despised Qajar kings as much as he did the Pahlavi kings. Reza Shah did a lot of good as well as a lot of bad. FYI, Reza Shah’s third wife was a Qajar princess. Reza Shah was eager for some blue blood, so he forced his poor son to marry Fowzieh, from the Egyptian-Arab ruling dynasty!! I wish instead of a daughter, they had a son. I would have loved to see our monarchists follow Fowzieh’s son as their king. :-)



Let the past be gone

by khasteh az da'va bar sar-e gozashteh ha (not verified) on

Let the past be gone.
This is "now"
enuf with enuf
Make it now make it today
Gozashteh ha gozashteh!
If anything has been learned by any one
lets pick up the broken pieces and
move on, move on, move on...


What do we have today?

by Iraj khan bacheh Tehran (not verified) on

Mosadeq was a great man, a ture patriot whom we should respect. Shah was also a ptriot and adored Iran, but he made many mistakes. Well,look at the arena of the battle before 1979. What do we have today; people are choosing Ghalibaf or Larijani just to get rid of Ahmadinejad. We have political dwarves nowadays. Compare Mosadeq with Haddeh Adel or Rafsanjani. Compare them in their attitude, thinking.


Uni-Polar Persian Politics

by Aziz (not verified) on

Nothing against the man: but we are still paying the price of his colossal mistake dealing with oil nationalization: In his over estimating his cards and under estimating the power of his opponents.

A question for informed readers like Kazemzadeh: Was he driven to recover the bad name of Qajar ruler whose blood ran in his veins and by his dislike of Sardar-e-Sepah who had almost single handedly rescued Iran.?


Mosadeq was a communist

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

thank God for his ousting!


Regardless, Iran would fall into hands of anti modernity mallahs

by Get Real (not verified) on

Iranians were and are too complacent about Islamo fascists in Iran.

We get what we deserve.

Maryam Hojjat

Very true

by Maryam Hojjat on

but too late for everyone.


Oh well...

by Bravura on

It's ashame he didn't. If he had, the Shah lovers would of had their Shah and the Mossadegh lovers would have had their Mossadegh and who knows what kind of heights we could have reached?