Opposits attract

02/24/2009 - 16:32

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There might be a grain of truth

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Islam is the most liberal religion in sexual matters. It tries to direct and control these passions, but it does not deny it. You can see it when you go to Iran, the Iranian girls despite all the restrictions are gorgeous and if you spend time with them, you see what you are missing. Shahname dealt with these passions in a matter of fact way, yet lolita was sensored in USA in 1950s. Go be proud of your heritage.


مرسی ممه! ای کاش

امام جعفرههِ صادق (not verified)

مرسی ممه! ای کاش من هم یک ممه بودم،... یا حد اقل ممه ام اینطوری بود!...

Darius Kadivar

Nuclear Radiation does Miracles ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


e roo knee 1

by Majid on

What "FACE" you're talking about ?

I want one of those glasses you're wearing....:-O)))

And 16??? I don't think so! 


Another great one Saman. 


cartoon need correction!

by e roo knee 1 (not verified) on

The female face portrays an older lady,but pointed upward nipples portrays a 16 years girl.
Altogether I found it funny.:-o))



by Monda notloggedin (not verified) on

hey this could've been your Valentine's Day special :o).


:-) JJ

by Souri on

JJ jan

I am sure you have at least one serious fan among us!!

This "D" is really after you all the time, she is criticizing you every where you talk about sex !!

You better stop for a while :O))



by Reza Khaneh Mir Five (not verified) on

when Harry Met Sally, very funny....


What is this with "I really

by D (not verified) on

What is this with "I really needed this"????!!! Everyone is using it now. I really, really, Really needed that. Has there been a lot of shoveling lately? Are you being used to haul weights? This and other things are really good but WTF?!! I really needed??!!! Ahhhhhh .... bemiram, elahee

Jahanshah Javid

Love is...

by Jahanshah Javid on

... in the air :o))))

I really needed this. Fricken hilarious!