Mickey Rourke loves Chelo Kabab


BBC: Comeback king Mickey Rourke was the star of the show at the Spirit Awards, Hollywood's pre-Oscars celebration of independent film. On the day before the Academy Awards, the 56-year-old actor was crowned best male lead for his role as an over-the-hill pugilist in The Wrestler. With a Bafta and a Golden Globe already in his possession, it is looking increasingly likely he will shortly be named best actor at this year's Oscars.

02/22/2009 - 07:51



by Majid on

Do you post your "cartoons" elsewhere? or the joy is all ours?

Share my friend, Share! they're awesome

Can't wait to see what's next!


Mickey was on Charlie Rose show..

by Parthian on

Couple nights ago, it is a fascinating interview. He is pretty cool dude.