Happier Years

02/02/2009 - 19:40

Party Girl

Thanks Mahmoud

by Party Girl on

Very nice!

For the life of me, I never understood what all the fascination was with Forouzan!  She was beautiful, but she couldn't act in her early years (she got better later in Dayereh Meena), and she couldn't dance to save her life!  Take a look at this old clip from the movie Ganj e Gharoun with Fardin.  She dances many dances here, but all of them really poorly!  Thanks for the memories!

mash mandali


by mash mandali on

کارتون کشیدن خیلی کار سختیه ولی بخدا نکشیدنش هیچ کاری نداره، میگی نه؟ امتحان کن!

یه خورده هم کارهای بقیه مثل «سامان» رو نگاه کن  بلکتم یه چیزکی یاد گرفتی.