Wookiee Look-alikes


The Wookiees from "Star Wars" look awfully like Iranian snipers in full camouflage taking part in the Army Day parade in Tehran.

04/21/2009 - 09:01

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First pedantic Star Wars

by medea on

First pedantic Star Wars geek to correct the spelling of “Wookiee”!
caderea parului



by the dude :-) (not verified) on

This camouflage outfit is among several clad by special Iranian units, based on operational necessity; these guys are not necessarily snipers. Special commando units of Iran's armed forces have traditionally been among the most feared globally, prior to and post revolution. The numbers are classified, and the selection process is extensive. These warriors possess high IQs; they are highly trained and educated in the arts and science of clandestine warfare in addition to other areas, and the assortment of weapons they employ is nearly limitless. Training also includes intense ideological programming. They are infused, in small numbers, into allied forces. Once intertwined they are utilized for training and coordinating of friendly forces, and are extremely lethal and efficient in combat. It merits mention that U.S. Navy Seals, in all of their years of combat in Vietnam spanning two decades, never endured a single fatal casualty. Yet in the 1980s, a contingent of Seals operating in Lebanon became entangled in skirmishes with alleged Iranian Qods units operating in conjunction with Hezbollah. The result was harsh and unfortunate for the Seals, as they suffered fatalities and defeat for the first time in their unit's combat history. The Israeli forces have fared even worse in combat against Iranian special units, tasting the surgical lethality of these operatives on many occasions, in most cases without ever being able to even see them.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Darvin's missing links

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Friends, believe me, those monkeys don't look any better, without the camoflage suits :o)


Its difficult to conclude

by Mosleh (not verified) on

Its difficult to conclude that they ALWAYS carry Kalashnikovs based on pictures at a Parade. All snipers in Iran are armed with locally manufactured SVDs. although I agree with your point on them been an "ARTESHE GHOLEE!!"


Way to go!

by Peykan on

Great job Mehrdad, as always!

Anonymous Observer

What's the Problem?

by Anonymous Observer on

Isn't this what an averge Iranian male (myself included) looks like coming out of the shower? 

God knows we can all use a good laser body hair removal specialist!!


The problem with that picture!!!

by The Reality!! (not verified) on

The problem with the Iranian military can be seen in this picture!!!! It is so unprofessional!!!These Iranian soldiers supposed to be snipers-RIGHT? Then how come they carry AK-47s rather than their snipers rifles!!! And I am not even in the military to see that flaw!! Imagines all those fat generals in the podium, with their bullitproof vests, who can not even slalut properly, not see that flaw with those snipers!!! This Iranian military is weak. The US can depose this regime with one tomahak cruise missile! Remember Sadam and his 5th largest army in the world!! He was found in hiding in a hole in the ground!! Same with this regime!!!


Dude ... are you for real?

by Saman on

I love how some Iranians quickly steal copyright images and stamp their own copyright name to it. It's absolutely hilarious :O)

As if this "fine masterpiece" is worth stealing again and the rightful first thief may never be discovered again!?


By the way ... this "hilarious sniper outfit" is a copy of German and other Western sniper outfits!