Zohreh & Manoochehr (1)

12 part documentary about sex in Iran

Zohreh & Manoochehr (1)
by Party Girl

French documentary (2003). It is fascinating. Each segment can stand on its own.

PARTS:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]


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@ Azad 99

by Abad (not verified) on

Please do not label your backwardness as an iranian tradition.



by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

I was wondering the same...

Now the French can walk into out bedrooms and dictate what we should do??????????????


Question for Islamists: Do

by abc (not verified) on

Question for Islamists: Do you approve of legal pedophilia in Iran?? (age of marriage is 9 according to sharia)

Do you think pedophilia (sexual abuse of a child), sigheh (legal prostitution, are moral and ethical norms of a society??


Islamic Republic of Hookers

by Slave99 (not verified) on

Islamic Republic of Hookers & Drug Addicts
June 13, 2008 by Plateau of Iran


Question for AZAD99
Azadeh99: Why is it then that under the Shah we did not empidemic of prostitution and drug addiction??? One out of 16 Iranians is a drug addict; the highest rate of heroin addicts in the world.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

unfortunattly eventhough we have rich culture, we have adopted many bad habits and continued to pass it on for generations. This has effected many no matter if you are rich, poor, dahati or from north of Tehran, your ethnicity (Iranian groups) educated nor Bisavad..As an example here..we eaither see verything black or white..Some of us tend to be very narrow minded when it comes to sex for instance...I agree with party girl that it is the parents to blame to some extend..however it's the society as well..But the question is how do we stop theses bad old habits..It's simple we start with our selves and pass it to the next...


Stop Promulagating white supermacy

by Iran Banou (not verified) on

The objective of this is to demean Iranians and Islam and reinforce white supermacy. Nothing more.


How the hell is it the

by Azad99 (not verified) on

How the hell is it the business of French people, in the first place, to go to Iran and make a documentary about sex?!!!!

And who said that sexuality in Western countries is healthier than sexuality in Iran? Why do we think that they know better than us in every field and we always to learn from them and catch up to them?!!

The only problem with sexuality in Iran is that young people are blindly imitating the promiscuous habits of Western countries and distancing themselves from their own traditional values. The so-called Iranian "feminists" have a lot to do with this destructive trend.

There is nothing wrong with expecting girls to be virgins before marriage. We should stop feeling guilty and apologetic every time our values don't match that of the blue eyed Westerners.

Party Girl

Daughter of Iran

by Party Girl on

So true.  Certainly, I am not a trained expert on the subject of sex and I can only share my own thoughts on the subject.  I believe Iranian families must wake up one of these days and assume responsibility for proper initial sex education for their children, regardless of the political regime in Iran.  So long as sex is regarded hush-hush and dirty and taboo, even among the more educated families, our nation will continue developing sexual inhibitions and hang-ups which in turn lead to other travesties in Iranian families and society.  The overt emphasis on virginity is a joke everyone dances around but few have the courage to dismiss.  

I hold Iranian mothers directly responsible for this situation.  They let their daughters have plastic surgery (nose jobs at a minimum), bleach and highlight their hair, pierce their belly buttons, put on heavy makeup, and buy trendy sassy clothing and then they tell them they must stay a virgin.  How practical is a Jennifer Lopez-looking virgin?! 

The contradictions and double standards don't end here.  Young men are encouraged to "score" and young women are encouraged to save themselves.  Whom do these parents think their boys score with?  Aliens?!  Prostitutes?  Nope.  They score with girls just like their own sisters, only nobody ever talks about it.  Overt attention to virginity dismisses a woman's character and "self" as the most important asset she owns, and reduces her real worth to a disposable physical attribute.  So, young women are not trained to love and respect themselves once they have had sex with a man out of marriage, continuing to feel guilty about sex, leading to further mistakes in choosing partners, etc.

I believe the key to lie in the hands of Iranian parents not the government. 

Party Girl

Dear Viewer

by Party Girl on

The movie has been divided into 12 parts, all of which are linked above (PARTS:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] )

Just click on your desired segment number to watch it.


Good one

by IRANdokht on

At first, I thought I misunderstood the first frames of the clip to show a phallic symbol...

Very interesting and very infurating I must say. When it comes to sexuality and sexual behavior our culture is way too far behind. 

Thanks Party Girl!


Viewer: the links to the 12 parts are the numbers on top of the video.



by Iranian4Sex (not verified) on

A chadori woman talking about masturbation?!...can't wait to see the rest...an eye opener!


Where's the rest?

by viewer (not verified) on

Thanks for posting this. Where can we find the rest?