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Compiled by Azam Nemati
October 24, 2004

The long wait is over! The beautiful, memorable and everlasting songs by the legendary singer Tajik can be enjoyed time and again in the greatest hits album "Nakhlestaan".

I find it amazing how many people remember the lyrics of Nakhlestaan or Maygoon. I was a child when those songs were released but I loved the voice even then. Tajik is truly a unique singer and his beautiful voice has no parallel. I love every song on this album and listen to them every day.

My sincere gratitude to Dr. Meshginpoosh for converting the album exclusively for visitors. The cassette is available in the market.

Songs from: Nakhlestaan

* Nakhlestaan
* Meygoon
* Zendegi
* Bahaaneh
* Beepanaah
* Chekonam
* Delebeegharaar
* Doaa
* Donyaa Donyaa
* Faryaad
* Gham
* Hamsar-e Man

Purchase Tajik's album here

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