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The Iranian
June 1997

Bandari music of southern Iran was first made famous by Aghassi some three decades ago with his now classic song "Ameneh". These days we often hear of the group "Sandy" and their hit "Dokhtar Ahvazi" which is probably played more often at parties than any other dance tune.

But the Bandari tunes played in the small towns and villages of Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan sound very different. What the locals sing is not as polished and not always easy to dance to if you are, say, at a wedding in Tehran or Tehrangeles.

Nevertheless Bandari is one of the most upbeat Iranian musical styles. Here are some tracks from the 1994 "Pasin-e-Bandar" CD from the Bandar-neshinan group in Iran, with Mahmoud Jahan as the lead singer and Bahram Mehrbakhsh the composer.

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* Jomneh Veleh Jabee
* Bagheboon
* Eshghe Vatan

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