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Do you have something to say? Do you have something to show? Do you want to feature your book? That's what we are here for: publishing people's work (Editorial policy & Reproduction policy). Here are some general guidelines for writers and artists:

English text
Persian text
Art work

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* Will consider articles, opinion pieces, short stories and poems.
* Writers do not get paid.
* Write about anything you feel passionate about.
* You do not need to be an experienced writer.
* If you have difficulty expressing yourself, imagine you are writing to your best friend.
* Keep your article to between 500 to 800 words if possible.
* Try to attach relevant photo/photos to your piece.
* Anonymous pieces will not be considered except in life-threatening or similar circumstances.
* Submissions may be edited as necessary without prior notice.
* Please see guidelines below for English and Persian text below.

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English text

English articles should be emailed in plain text (NOT as a file) to

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Persian text

The chance that a Persian text is published will be much better if it is typed and emailed in pdf format, or scanned and emailed in gif format. We do not have the staff to type Persian articles but we will do our best. Submissions will not be returned. Please mail your Persian article to: PO Box 34842, Bethesda, MD 20827, USA.

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Art work

Submit photographs of your art work. Artists do not get paid for publishing their work in No slides accepted. Images of your art work should be:

- 72 dpi resolution
- Not larger than 6 x 8 inches
- Not smaller than 3 x 4 inches
- In jpg or gif format only
- Images should preferably be uploaded on another web site. You would then give us the address of that web site and we will download the images.
- If you are emailing the images, please send them individually (NOT as a zip or hqx or any other kind of file) to
- If you are sending the photographs by regular mail please note that we will not return them unless you include a stamped envelope. Mail the photographs to PO Box 3541, Oakton, VA 22124, USA.

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If you have written a book or you are promoting a book, email an excerpt (at 800-1500 words) to for publication. Authors do not get paid for publishing their excerpts in

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