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August 7

* Muslim life in UK
* High costs in Canada (1) (2)
* My biography
* Mom in Iran, daughter in Canada
* UK spy cameras everywhere
* If U.S. takes over Iran...
* Hard work in Canada (1) (2)

August 3

* Arresting thugs?!
* Cosmic tombak
* Moon look-alike
* Quarreling, bickering and backstabbing
* Careless smile before death

July 28

* Master & servant body language
* Student thugs: Future leaders
* Questions about mob rule
* My fate: Head to the hills
* Recruiting criminal gangs against Iran (1) (2)
* Tax for sitting on a park bench?
* Immigrants to Canada less than slaves
* Miss Iran?
* Gays & human rights?
* USA better than Canada for immigration
* Dog fighting & doggy style
* This is the Western culture we wish for Iran?

July 27

* The (Petrol) Rationing
* Bastani gheefee-ye 6 tabagheh!
* Ghahveh khaaneh ghanbar
* Vaaledeh Agha Mostafa!

July 23

* $50 million for Bin Laden's head
* Punish Iranian-American spies
* Burned my bridge to Iran
* Give me an Iranian passport to go back
* Wish I could run back to Iran
* Can't find anyone for marriage

July 18

* TINTIN: Land of the Camel Jockeys
* People can't live in peace

July 15

* LA Iranians playing with Iran's future
* Why I'm forced to draw raunchy cartoons
* Interview with myself
* Have sex with me, not just foreigners
* After watching Iranian girls dancing
* Awakening of the Iranian people
* Western decadence destroys Iranian culture
* Non-sense demands for freedom
* Fuck you, don't talk
* Canadian democracy or capitalism?
* Western democracy
* Pay me and I'll lampoon anyone you want
* Why Iranians are invited to Canada

June 29

* Gasoline revolution
* I regret ever leaving Iran
* Why ruin simple Iranian way of life?
* Democracy: Poison
* I don't get paid for this

June 25

* Why are you unhappy, darling?
* Darling? After all these years?
* Proud Persian parents

June 20

* Iran evolution
* No.... Yes...
* Why do Muslims kill each other?
* Ahmadinejad (1) (2)
* Ayatollahs frequent Lebanese harems
* Iraqi securtity under Saddam and Americans
* Crime & filth worse in Western countries
* Why do I curse Canadians?
* Why do I focus on women?
* Rise in prostitution under Ahmadinejad
* Financial aid for Iraq and Afghanistan

June 13

* Persian remake of "Shining"

June 8

* Banana Republic of Iran

June 4

* Rafsanjani feeling left out
* Kaftar-baazaan e Kashan
* Deshneh: Yaadesh bekheyr
* Cartoonist Mana Neyestani takes refuge in Europe
* Sexually active young women are family phobic
* Bad & worse: Iran and West
* Which society is more immoral?
* Iran exporting street wormen to Canada
* Corruption, censorship & "Islam"

May 29

Iran-U.S. talks
* Meeting Americans for first time
* Beautiful nose
* Weapon of Mass Destruction or...?
* Sang nandaaz bacheh!
* He's Clint Eastwood
* Hell has frozen over
* Paper wars
* Retarded team
* Iran-U.S. argue over the size of their...
* Forget "300", worry about Sivand Dam
* The voice of John Wayne: Iraj Doustdar
* Uncle Sam wants to screw you -- again
* Iran arming anti-American groups
* Anti-IRI radio and TV stations stink
* Police was stop me: Number 8 on my car
* Bureaucracy & high taxes in Canada
* Human rights in Canada
* I propose Hope Monument
* Liberated women thank Bush for regime change
* Women's liberation=Men's extermination
* Freedm for women means free sex
* Iranian women getting "educated" in the West
* Korean-Americn Cho went nuts for lack of sex
* My ideal woman

May 23

* Young wife, old husband

May 19

* Warning: Cow!
* Watch out America!
* Why I draw crazy cartoons
* Democracy means shut up!
* Human rights?
* Iranians screwed by various regimes
* Please marry me
* Western culture corrupting Iranians
* Artist's blues
* Hidden hands intent on destrying Iran
* Missing page from JJ's phonebook
* Hijab-Mobil

May 16

* Falwell aint going to heaven

May 14

* Hollywood: Hasan Kababi

May 6

B Orz
* Ségolène Royal
* Man and dog in Western civilization
* Why do north American women disrespect men?
* Democracy=Taxes (1) (2)
* Islamic & Canadian law (1) (2)

May 5

* Mass murder
* Sharm el-Sheikh conference: Sharm kon ey sheikh

May 2

* Bird attacks Ahmadinejad
* Democracy=Exploitation
* Protection from Western culture
* Progression of Western freedom
* Women abroad prefer rotten men
* Muslim vs Western intellectual women
* Shove that doctorate, if you live in Canada

April 26

* Insane McCain

April 21

* McCain: Christian Crusader?
* Hasan Shojaie: Naamehresaan
* Golpa: Del Kharaab, Mohebat
* Pouran: Molaa Mamad Jaan
* Stuck between Islamic and Western corruption
* Canadian women afraid of having relations with men
* Northamericans hung up on sex & murder
* Gay Western soldiers flock to Afghanistan

April 18

* Pasargad next year
* Ahmadinejad's twin in Los Angeles
* Sexual freedom
* Traditional vs. intellectual women
* U.S. wants to give democracy to Iraq

April 11

* Mossadegh & Ahmadinejad
* Ahmadinejad in Mossadegh's shoe
* Sea border security
* Godless movement
* Leave your animal at home
* Bad hejab disease
* Polution solution
* Women only buses
* Free UK female sailor, if...
* Snakes: No sex

April 9

* Women and eye sight
* Women unplugged

April 6

* Bush refuses to withdraw
* Reza Pahlavi: Credibility

April 4

* Good to be British in Iran
* Paying with British sailors
* FBI agent missing in Iran
* My favorite dictator, Reza Shah
2500 BC
* Atomic Ballet
* People pay for provocations
* Killing people for their ideas
* Expensive tomatoes

April 3

* Who is uncivilized? Funny you should ask!
* Jewish Iranians conspiring against Iran
* Canadian woman want money, not love
* Vancouver's drug addicts
* If Americans overthrow IRI

April 2

* Who is uncivilized?

April 1

* 13 Bedar (Reply to Mahmoud's)

March 31

* 300 movie: 100%...
* 13 Bedar

March 25

* 300: Say you're sorry or we'll eat you

March 25

* Carpet bomb
* Thorns inUncle Sam
* Un-natural sex
* If there's a war with U.S.
* Daughters of divorce
* Khamenei: I don't care
* Happy New Year

March 19

* Happy 1386
* Persian drama over "300"
* Living in a van
* Got more respect in Iran
* Prostitutes in front of Majles
* Artist suffering in Iran and West
* Dog food

March 18

* Ahmad the Shepherd
* Shah's Norooz message
* Happy Norooz

March 16

* The Game
* Casino Esfahan
* Beirut Nights
* Women using sex for personal gain (1) (2)
* Human rights

March 7

* Elephant Friday Prayers
* Ya Ali missile (1) (2)
* Welcome to Ghazvin
* Elephants crossing Ghazvin
* Ahmadinejad visits soldiers
* Male elephants are large
* Ahmadinejad's cabinet
* Secert to survival
* Punishing bad hejabs

March 5

Oscar Special!
* And the Oscar goes to... Behrooz Vossooghi
* Too good for an Oscar: Reza Beyk Iman Verdi
* The return of old farts
* Scorsese finally gets his Oscar
* Life time achievement
* Why should I respect these animals?
* Muslim artist rejected by rsacist Canadians
* What happens to young girls in the West
* Another Vietnam
* Hungry hunter

March 1

* Brilliant move, George
* White Canadians racism
* Jesus loves me? Boro koss kesh!
* Women who shun marriage
* Iranian women in Canada no good for marriage
* Daughters of top mollas living it up

February 22

* Grim reaper over-booked

February 20

* Iraq taking orders from Iran
* Heaven welcomes Anna Nicole
* We're proud of Anna Nicole
* Sucky life in Canada
* The hell with freedom
* Selling Anna Nicole's body parts
* Criticize your own culture, not me
* You don't have to stay in Canada
* Rocky & Rambo
* Love and war

February 15

* Rafsanjani: Ahmadinejad is just a kid!
* Stupid Cupid
* Ready for another war?
* Keeping America's attention after Anna Nicole Smith's death
* Most asked Iranian question
* Cause for going to war
* Hisraeli Clinton

February 12

* Najang: No war
* Bad heart
* Inside information
* Erectile disfunction
* The bomb dilemma
* 16-year-old nuclear scientist
* Rope for Imam Zaman

February 10

* Dead Anna Nicole Smith
* Women: Islam and the West
* Stop reading, make money
* Religious ceremonies (1) (2)
* Unlucky
* Brainwashed
* Gay troops in Afghanistan
* Celebration
* Before we go...
* Interview with a dead man
* Vasectomy
* Death in Italian football

February 6

* Evoloution of squat
* Aghajari prevented from leaving Iran
* Inflation... of the stomach
* Mollaria
* Internet friendship
* No to death penalty
* Why are they such assholes?

February 3

* Baby killer
* Donkey cart
* United in war
* Dead or alive
* Mohammad loves Bush

February 2

* Naneh Ghelyooni >>> Nany Angela
* Baby James kids store
* Chadori Catherine Zeta-Jones

January 31

* Airport security
* Camel love
* Cheating wife
* Sorry, I thought she was 9
* Pregnant man
* Ba viagra kardam
* I met the creator
* Investing in Afghanistan
* Rabbit in Iran/Turtle in Canada
* Why did you idiots leave Iran?
* Islamic vs. Western culture
* Women expats vising Iran
* We shouldn't be "backward"
* Western/Canadian culture
* Love & Religion
* Beytolmaal
* Komeyl
* Sorrow for Imam Hossein

January 29

* Khamenei death rumor
* Ahmadinejad & Rafsanjani
* Only 70 virgins?
* Viagra
* Ayatollah Dinosaur
* Run! Ahmadinjead is coming!
* Tomato Revolution


Poke at your own peril

Ali, 2500BC

How dare you?

Ali, 2500BC

Checking out
Peyvand Khorsandi

Sorry to say goodbye like this. I had to rush for the train I threw myself under. In two to three days you’ll receive another packet with the DVD I made -- CCTV footage of my first suicide attempt, which failed (the 5.30 to Brighton was late). It also contains my final speech to the family. It is my wish for it to be played after the funeral. My last request is that Michael be barred from shovelling any earth on to my coffin. I know he would take a secret pleasure in this, nice though he is. If I hear those thuds I will never rest in peace. I’ve put cash for Tim’s trumpet lessons in the microwave. It’s important that these continue. He has a future as a trumpet player. Perhaps, when he is sixteen, he can learn the harmonica. I wanted to learn an instrument, but I’m dead now >>>

Death to Sparta...

The film does portray the Persians as barbarians but the Spartans are hardly portrayed as civilised
Payam Ghamsari

Death to Sparta, Death to Sparta, Death to Sparta... It is time we mighty Persians unite and avenge our honour and pride. We shall smite the Spartans, they shall feel our wrath. I am ready to fight and will make each and every last Spartan feel the sharp edge of my sword. Actually that is a tad extreme, perhaps I will make them feel the sharp edge of my tongue instead as I do not own a sword and have an aversion to physical activity. We should protest outside the Spartan embassy and burn effigies of King Leonidas. Death to Sparta, Death to Sparta, Death to Sparta... >>>


Happy *O#%!@ Norooz!


The pussyfication of Iranian men
Siamack Baniameri

Watching Iranian women, in the last few days, taking on the government of Iran, being assaulted, injured, tortured and imprisoned made me realize that my soccer buddies and me were right all along. As we Iranian men become more and more of a pussy, somehow in the last thirty years, Iranian women have grown balls. And the pussification process completed on the day that we -- men -- stayed on the sidelines and watched our women insulted, beaten and shoved in a bus, and we didn't dare to say a word. There is only one thing left to say: we Iranian men have been pussified >>>


Here's your democracy

Ali, 2500BC


If you want to change public opinion in the U.S., this is not the way
Jeesh Daram

Let me ask you a question: Why is it that you seldom see an Iranian political scientist being invited by FOX or CNN news or the likes to discuss their viewpoints about Iran despite of all that is going on between the West and Iran and the fact that we have such a large population of Iranians in the US? Well, before I collect your answers let me jump to a little scenario before I forget: When she lived in Iran the Revolution was two decades old, and by the time she got out of Iran she was about seventeen. Daddy somehow managed to get her out of Iran thanks to the fact that his green card was still valid and he decided to leave Iran for good. A couple of years later in the US she decides to write books, essays and articles against the Iranian regime staging herself in the center of it all as a political refugee, an expert on Iranian affairs, a poet, a victim of Islamic atrocities, a scholar at large, and 'nokhodeh har aash' a jack of all trades! "Ya aba abdollah khodet beh dadeh ma beres" >>>

Dear Mack

Iranian Men: User Manual
Siamack Baniameri

Throughout years of writing for and other publications, I have received enormous amount of emails from women married to Iranian men with a wide range of questions about their husbands. And just about all emails follow the same theme: why does my Iranian man do the things he does? For some reason American wives of Iranian men, who read my book or articles, have got it in their heads that I somehow have access to the only copy of "Iranian Men: User Manual!" The questions are often entertaining and sometimes plain weird. The most compelling questions come from women who date Iranian men >>>


2500 BC

Ali, 2500 BC

Too much to ask?

With the politest objection to Pedram Moallemian's recent review with Maz Jobrani, "The Iranian knight"
Bruce Bahmani

Through his brilliant and dedicated efforts behind the "Axis of Evil" comedy tours, and the latest incarnation "The Sultans of Satire", Maz Jobrani has been the brightly shining and hilarious beacon for, to use marketing terminology, "educating and informing the target audience of the benefits, features, and value of our brand." That's the "It" he brings. As I am a fan of Maz, you can start to see the dilemma forming. Wednesdays, around 9pm, on ABC, the new show, "The Knights of Prosperity" has cast yet another shadow through what I am calling the retarded mis-placement of the stereotypical "quirky Indian fellow", using of all people Maz! So allow me to let you get this straight >>>

Google God

Google proves the importance of working
Bruce Bahmani

Google was recently named the top company to work for in the US. Most of the news Google released in order to emphasize this by releasing this news, has emphasized this. Google makes one thing that it charges money for, namely that tiny Google text ad that you are ignoring while you are reading this fake news story. As a result and apparently, most of the employees at Google don't actually do anything, hopefully and including getting the attempt at satire here. While the actual contribution of Google employees towards keeping Google the juggernaut it has become, or exactly what makes the company so successful, is largely unknown, it hasn't stopped the company from continually hiring more and more people, who in turn do not know what Google does. Thereby ensuring it's continued success >>>

The Iranian knight

Our very own Maz Jobrani stars in a new national network sitcom
Pedram Moallemian

Last July 23rd, a friend asked us to join him at a party in a trendy West Hollywood restaurant. Since we had already committed to another event, I apologized. But then he said that it was a Good-Bye Party for Maz Jobrani. Good-Bye Party? Oh No! Where is he going? In our own small universe, we had just “discovered” the man and even exchanged pleasantries about our common hairstylist at a couple of events. Now he’s leaving? Fast forward to last Wednesday and we are invited by Namak magazine to a semi-private party organized by Maz’ agent Ray Moheet to watch the premier of the new sitcom, now called The Knights of Prosperity with two of the show’s stars Kevin Michael Richardson and Maz Jobrani in attendance >>>

Ugly people
Siamack Baniameri

In 2006, the world media saturated the airwaves with images of ugly Iranians, which included the president, the supreme leader, members of Majlis, heads of the revolutionary guards, malnutritioned Iranian opposition groups and everybody else who had moles growing on their foreheads. This prompted expats to shower the internet with their own "beautiful Iranian people" images. It's a cry for help. My idea for this year's Iranian of the year goes something like this: fuck all the beautiful people. That's right folks, fuck Tehran's snowy mountains, jungles of Mazandaran, high-rise towers, shopping malls, Esfahan's historic monuments, beautiful conceded Iranian broadcasters, actors, directors, athletes, models and billionaires. Fuck them all >>>

Women-only taxis

No longer will Iranian women need to sit in cramped taxis adjacent to unshaven muscular sweaty perverts

Congratulations to Iranian women for achieving another milestone, the official woman-only taxis, driven by woman drivers in Tehran. Yes for those ignorant westerners women in Iran do drive vehicles. They passed that milestone decades ago, and for years for extra income they have been acting as taxi drivers by picking up passengers on their way to their regular jobs as doctors, bankers, teachers, etc. What’s new now is that it’s official, and it’s for the services of pious rich female passengers like Rafsanjani’s daughters and brides, when for some reason they cannot use their Mercedes Benz. Isn’t that great. In a few other provinces they were doing it already, but Tehran in that respect was a backward metropolis >>>

In yesterday's news
Rana Rabei

Two suicide bombers walked into a bar with a crocodile and a sting ray where John Kerry was giving his classic "if you don't stay in school, you'll end up in Iraq" lecture to a crowd of underage rednecks inhaling paint spray. Around the corner, Mel Gibson was finishing his 2nd bottle of scotch and preparing for his presentation at Ahmmadinejad's "The Myth that is Holocaust" conference; while Britney Spears got the bar and exposed her pussy to a repulsed Lindsey Lohan who started screaming "I'm a whore, but I'm not gay". At that very moment Senator Foley logs in under the screen name bickcock69 and invites lilpenis to his private yahoo chat room named "12-14 year-old boys who like grown men" >>>


Intelligent punch

Video clips and photo essay: Peyvand Khorsandi stand up comedy in Sacramento
Jahanshah Javid

Professor Pervert
Rana Rabei

Amongst my many campus jobs, I work in lab. My job description entails a lot of media making, autoclaving, and some downtime in between. One day last summer, I was waiting in the hallway outside the autoclave room, where I saw a blackboard and naturally proceeded to erase its content and do some figure sketching. I had no idea my drawing would become the center of an unsolved mystery case ... Last week, I was walking with a co-worker past the chalk board where my life-size drawing of two curvaceous women still stands, when I casually commented on how I thought it was peculiar that no one has erased the board yet. This put my colleague in a momentary state of shock then she bursted out in laughter. Once we had walked far enough from the crime scene, and she got the laughs out of her system, she told me the story >>>


Peyvand Times

Photo essay: 48 hours with Peyvand Khorsandi
Jahanshah Javid

How not to make a sex video
Siamack Baniameri

I eagerly watched the sex video which has caused quite a bit of havoc in Iranian sex-deprived society, especially among the younger generation. The home movie, supposedly showing TV soap actress Zahra Amir Ebrahimi and her lover, has created such turmoil that the notorious Judge Mortazavi has personally volunteered to investigate. As an avid porn watcher who spends almost all his paycheck subscribing to porn websites and magazines, I was extremely disappointed with the quality of acting in the home movie, featuring Amir Ebrahimi and her male companion. The unprofessional setup and amateurish techniques made this home movie almost unbearable to watch >>>

UC Abu Ghraib
Eski Sepehr

UC Abu Ghraib in Los Angeles like its sister facility in Iraq is home to Middle Easterners of different shades some of whom resemble Mostafa Tabatabainejad, but there are of course notable differences in management policies at the two facilities. Eventhough at UC Abu Ghraib the men and women in uniform still prefer applying high voltage electric shock as the principle tool of their security work, the torture dungeons have been done away with altogether. This new openness has advanced the cause of Democracy to no end and will no doubt be emulated in future Democracy projects. Another notable difference is that at UC Abu Ghraib the work of the highly professional security personnel is carried out in plain sight of anyone who can watch a torture and humiliation session without getting dizzy >>>


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