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This statement sets forth the policy of with respect to the electronic and non-electronic reproduction by a third-party of the items published on

For the purposes of this statement, the term "work" means any work, regardless of nature or form, which is entitled to copyright protection under the copyright laws of the United States, including any common law, or copyright laws of another country, or any applicable international convention. The term "author" means the person or entity that has created or authored the work. The term "reproduction" means, regardless or form or medium, any reproduction, reposting, downloading, printing, reprinting, republication, or dissemination of the work, as published on, by a third-party. The term "third-party" means any person or entity, who under a license agreement with undertakes the reproduction of the work.

By submitting a work for publication in and in consideration for its publication therein, the author hereby assigns to, on non-exclusive basis, the right to license non-exclusively to a third-party the reproduction rights to the work. In the event, receives from the third-party any royalties, fees, or payment on the account of the reproduction of a work, shall share the proceeds with the author of the work on an equal basis.

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