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September 16, 2003

New Music from Deev, Hich-Kas, & Blurred Vision and new Soul Nidus website

Share your musical ideas and lyrics in the new IAR JamRoom!



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Your music could be played on IAR. Send music/info in MP3 format to:

Featured artists:




Alberto Iglesias Spain Soundtracks
Al Di Meola USA Latin/Jazz/Rock Fusion
Amertad Iran Underground Rock
Aria Iran Underground Rock
Atoosa USA "Quirky intelligent folk pop"
Avar Iran Rock
Avaar Iran Underground Rock
Avijeh Iran World Music,Ethnic Fusion
Axiom of choice USA World Music,Ethnic Fusion
Aziza Mustafazadeh Germany Azeri Jazz
Baris Manco Turkey Turkish Fusion
Bijan Chemirani France World Music,Ethnic Fusion
Blurred Vision Canada Rock
Carlos Nunez Spain "The Jimi Hendrix of the Bagpipes""
Chordaholic USA Brit Pop
Corouz Iran Electronic
Darren Motamedy USA Smooth Jazz
Deev USA? Rap
Delavar Iran Underground Rock
Dey Iran Underground Rock
Exir Iran Rock
Exir Germany Rock
Ezterab Iran Underground Rock
Fanoos Sweden Rock
Foozhan Iran Ethnic Fusion
Haale USA Ethnic Fusion, Rock
Hack Iran Underground Rock
Hich Kas ? Rap
Jam Iran Underground Rock
Jian Ghomeshi Canada Rock
Jiveh Iran Underground Rock
Karma Iran Underground Rock
Khak Germany Rock
Kooch UK Rock
Mahvash Azhir USA Folk, Contemporary
Meera Iran Rock
Nabz USA Rock
O-Hum Iran Underground Rock
Pezhvak Iran Rock
Pharos Iran Underground Rock
Probe USA World Music,Ethnic Fusion
Rangin Germany "Mediterranean Crossover"
Raz-e-shab Iran Rock
Respina Iran Underground Rock
Rumi Iran World Music,Ethnic Fusion
Saar Sweden Rock
Sarab-e-Sahra Germany Rock
Sarakhs Iran Underground Rock
Shahin & Sepehr USA New Age, Flamenco, Fusion
Shelex Iran "...whatever feels good to them..."
Soma Iran Underground Rock
Som'ma USA Ethnic Fusion
Soul Nidus Toronto, Canada Rock
Sussan Deyhim USA World Music,Ethnic Fusion
Uzima Iran Underground Rock
Vas (Azam Ali) USA World Music,Ethnic Fusion
Vazhe USA "Post Modern Persian with an eclectic Twist" -Vazhe
Willie & Lobo USA "Rockin' surfin' gypsy dudes"
Zartosht Azarparsa USA Rock

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How to listen

- Go to the IAR station page. Create an account on Live365, if you haven't got one already.

- Verify your connection speed after Live365 prompts you.

- Choose your audio player. The Live365 player is recommended and requires a small download.

- When you see the Iranian Alternative Radio station page, click on the "Play" icon.

- Have fun rockin'... Iranian style!

More info

How to listen with Windows: Click here

How to Listen with Mac: Click here


Due to current bandwidth limitations in Iran, the current audio stream is being broadcast at 28k and at AM radio quality to accomodate our Iran-based listeners.

Special Thanks in Alphabetical order to:

Shahrokh Izadkhah; Audio engineering assistance

Farzam Rahimi (Meera); Audio conversions & file submissions

Zartosht Soltani;"IAR" logo and banner design

Shadi Vatanparast (Tehran Avenue's Music Watch); Reports and Interviews


Beethoven Music Center


Iran Flamenco

Iran Rock Fans

Radio Sayeh

Tehran Avenue & Tehran360

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* dAyi Hamid @ Radio Peyvand
Updated Monday


Persian Service

* Radio Farda

* Seda va Sima
IRI radio & TV

* Other
Online radio stations

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