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What kind of articles get published in iranian.com? Do they have to be factual? Can they be pure fantasy? Do they have to be in favor or against religion? Can they be racist? Feminist? Moronic? Self-promoting? Pro-Iranian or anti-Iranian? Pro-Shah or pro-IRI?

Do the articles have to be patriotic? Do they have to glorify the past? Do they have say how great Iran and Iranians are? Can they make fun of Iranian culture? Can they be about something that has nothing to do with Iran or Iranians?

Basically, it doesn't matter what you write as long as it

... is interesting (does not bore to death)
... is sincere
... is refreshing, original, different
... is bold, against the grain
... reveals something about who you are and who we are
... encourages debate
... has some social, historical, political, cultural value
... reminds us that we are human
... Once something is published in iranian.com, it will not be removed.

This is a secular site. The Iranian is not the place for promoting God, any religion or religious values. There will be articles about religious perspectives on political or social issues, but primarily in philosophical or sociological terms.

Submissions may be edited without the author's prior knowledge/approval. If your article or poem or work of art is published, it does not mean iranian.com agrees with your point of view or that your version of the facts is endorsed. There are no absolute truths here.


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