26-Apr-2011 (3 comments)


Heavy Metal has to be

by KingReza on

... the most misunderstood form of music. In my opinion when Metal is done right, it is the most energetic and satisfying form of music.


A hint to IRI or CIA operatives

by Bavafa on

If you are ever ordered to get confession (fake or real) from me, please don't use any drill or electric shock or water boarding, just play some rap or country music and if it failed... pull your most vicious tool in your bag, heavy metal music. I assure you I will sing to you like a canary, any thing you want, just stop that thing you call music

Disclaimer: this is only a reflection in my taste for music and not intended to be a judgment on this group or any body else taste.



video is really cool, but

by ComraidsConcubine on

 the song felt like Gere screwing a squirrel up my yogi nostril. Not a fan of metal, I'm afraid.