Visualizing carpet weaving

Modern Iranian Music and Dance

Composer& Setar: Hamid Saeidi. Guitar: Mehran Khalili. Percation: Hamid Ghanbari. Choriographer: Mehdi Saki. Dancers: Mehdi Saki & Pantea Bahram. HAMIDSAEEDI20@YAHOO.COM


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Party Girl


by Party Girl on

Heeh!  That was hillarious!  You made me laugh.  The guy does look a little like JJ!  Thank you.


Innovative progressive fusion

by 135 (not verified) on

An absolutely progressive art work.
I can't quit replaying it.
Great taste, Party Girl.

Check his santoor work as well.
Guys, it seems Jahaan is earning a few extra quid in concealment, by playing the Cajon in this band!! Our undercover abdaarchi at reports; "He asked Party Girl to open this thread(in return, she receives an increased account quota on the web-server, as dast-khosh), so he could use the resources as the band's marketing instrument!
(Aghaaa, inaa hamash kaar-e ingileesaast!)

(pause at 01:38 and see it yourselves)


just beautiful

by manesh on

gorgeous! finally, somebody gave a voice to these artists.  Thank you! This is performed in Iran?

P.S. Is Hanid ghanbari related to shahriar ghanbari?


Fantastic performance. I see

by Anonymous on

Fantastic performance. I see you all going places. It is about the time to see and hear some modern music as oppose to the usual BS.

Loved it


Very tasteful

by Sara82 (not verified) on

This is beautiful music and dance. The camera work is also very good. Overall, this is one of the most tasteful things I have seen produced in Iran. Thank you.