UK Iranian marriage

Nellia Nafissi and Davood Fallahdar

Highlights of wedding filmed at Claridges Hotel, London on 16 June 2007.


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by cwhkcs on

Iran officially the Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in Western Asia. The name Iran has been in use natively since the Sassanid period and came into international use from 1935, before which the country was known internationally as Persia.
Both "Persia" and "Iran" are used interchangeably in cultural context;
however, Iran is the name used officially in political context.




ashley madison

by clhkcs on

The Iranian peoples are an ethnic and linguistic branch of Indo-European peoples, living mainly on the Iranian plateau and beyond in central, southern, and southwestern Asia and southeastern Europe. As a group of people, they are predominantly defined along linguistic lines as speaking the Iranian languages, a major branch of the Indo-European language family. They are spread across the Iranian plateau, stretching from the Hindu Kush to central Anatolia and from Central Asia to the Persian Gulf - a region that is sometimes termed Greater Iran. Speakers of Iranian languages, however, were once found throughout Eurasia, from the Balkans to western China. As Iranian people are not confined to the borders of the current state of Iran, the term Iranic peoples is sometimes used to avoid confusion with the citizens of Iran.




IDokht an PGirl,

by zzTop (not verified) on

The mythical Persian Prince charming is awaiting his mythical match Persian Princess ;)


Hey guys wake up and smell the coffee

by cyrus- (not verified) on


Are these girls with their comments trying to give us a message, and we are so sleepy that we just don't get it ?


حسودیم شد

AnonymousMM (not verified)

چه عروس خوشگلی کوفتت بشه الهی داماد


Party Girl :0)

by IRANdokht on

My dearest Party Girl

Send those qualifications over and I will check all the files I have made on these guys and let you know.

I can't promise you a Persian Prince Charming since I think that's a myth ;-) but there are nice ones out there and I will gladly find you a cool one who qualifies.

What's the age range you're looking for?


IRANdokht the matchmaker

Dareh Iranianpersonal ro ham takhteh konim digeh... ;-)

Party Girl


by Party Girl on

Dear IRANdokht:

Ha Ha!  No, I'm not getting married anytime soon, because I will first have to find him!  Let me know if you know of a Persian Prince Charming!  I can provide his description if you want!

Party on IRANdokht!


kheli ghashang.........

by Nadias on

Almost makes me want to get married. :o)


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



What a handsome groom and beautiful bride....

by Tahirih on

I can not wait to have that for my children....

god bless their reunion.



How lovely!

by IRANdokht on

Party Girl are you thinking about tying the knot yourself? ;-)

Gotta admit, these wedding videos are even making me feel a little mushy lol