Tehran suicide

Electrocuted on power line



nobody knows¡¡¡¡

by persian (not verified) on

Nobody knows exactly what happend really.

First who is?
who knows?
who care?

In fact he or she really on time need help.
but not received it.


Wait a minute......

by Nadias on

so a total of 4 people were electrocuted. That is horrifying!

:o( Those poor people and their families too.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



This is why we're still in the third world !

by ShamshirH (not verified) on

In any modern, well-managed country, within 2 minutes firefighters and within 1 minute police cars would have been there to help the man on the electric pole and there wouldn't have been any need for 3 more men to get electricuted to save the first man. But in Iran, the regime is more concerned about Hijab, nukes and it's own survival than people's health and safety.


suicide in Canada by native canadian

by canada sucks (not verified) on

and no one ever cry for this people sucks canada and fu... to British system we should fu....the British in next revolution in Iran,


Mr khoshtro ek sozan be khodet bezan yk jovaldoz be mardom

by Anonymous1111 (not verified) on

dig be dig megea rot siya



by Ali-Jaraghe' (not verified) on

Here's the real scoop. The victim was from Pakistan. In his letter addressed to Iranian authorities, his father expressed his dying words that he wanted his son to be a conductor. A bad case of English to Persian translation led to this shocking event.


Haji, Learn some FARSI!

by choskhor (not verified) on

since when you are Anonymous55?!
what a coward you are.
what happened to Haji? TARSO. BADBAKHT.


I agree with Nadia & Azarin

by Anonymous/she (not verified) on

For God's Sake...
What's this???
What's the point of this video??
please DO NOT post sth like that!!
We are NOT animal, We're HUMAN!!!!


u....the God so many mullahs in Iran so many religion

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Iranian do not having fun , fu...ing religion and Islam and religion every where , also
Mullahs should spend more times to educate the Iranian about others country life not on stupid religion and religion and religion,


How do we know it was a suicide again?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

How can we ask such questions? "IRANIAN" knows it. is that not enough? Can a Non-prejudicide, non biassed "IRANIAN"-Blogger formulate likewise question? Surely not.Now please hier is my question: Do we have to know anything at all? The main purpose is - and it is good so - that the honourable iranians living in Iran get slandered and are diffame. any "FACT" which is suitable to achieve this aim should be a true to any "IRANIAN". Just in these days, in a time where the dogs and pigs in UN-Security-Council are barking and grunting lauder as before against the heroical Iranian Nation and its successions in developping NUC-Sciences in its own Regie, a nation which is investing in Iraq in order to develop the infra-structure in that country and on the other side in the US-State New Jerssy are 10.000s affected by HIV and Hepatitis because of unappropriate Injection-Technics, well in these days should no "IRANIAN" ever dare to ask such uncomfortable questions. IT WAS SUICIDE! BASTA! "IRANIAN" knows it. Is that not enough? I think it is or at least it should be. Greeting


He did not do anything of above

by پیام on

I believe to have read an article about this fellow. He is an art graduate and was at the moment of the accident trying to film from the power pile.


This was not an act of suicide

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

It is a lot saddar than suicide , the kid was a local walnut seller, he was not getting enough light from the post so he tried to fix it.

The woman crying outloud is his mother.

Which is sadder I don't know, the stupidity of the kid fucking around with the lamp post or the desperate need to sell his walnuts?

Goddamn IRI , and all Mullas!!! Goddamn the day Khomanie was concieved!!



Ali P.


by Ali P. on

As if we are not disturbed enough!

 How do we know it was a suicide again?


Now can you still say

by you see what I mean? (not verified) on

that the British have left Iran? You stupid fools?

The British have all of you in the palm of their hands. Close their embassy now and kick all of them out of our country.


sucide is happen every 16 minute in USA and canada

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on

مردم ایران هم گرفتار دولت عقب افاده اسلامی هستند و هم شتشوی مغزی توسط امریکای کون پاره و غرب زده ها که فکر می کنند زندگی بهتری در خارج وجود داره و با خالی بندی ها شون مردم ایران را روانی کردند


Posting such video clips is

by Ali (not verified) on

Posting such video clips is simply not ethical. Please delete it.


I'm not watching it......

by Nadias on

what is the point of watching someone electrocuted to death?


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)


Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Damn, damn!

What's the use of posting such a horrifying thing, besides making us feel like total voyeurs? They are real ordinary people (trying to act heroic for whatever reason) and their violent death is a devastating loss to somebody, somewhere.

So please let’s have the decency of respecting their death, since we were unable to respect them when they were still alive.



US has monopoly on Stupidity

by Remote Control (not verified) on


Now, can you trust this nation

by Observer (not verified) on

with nuclear power? Hell no! This nation is a crazy nation that must be confined to a hole with no access to the outside world.