From Tehran with love

Happy Israel's 60th birthday



ha ha...u should be a chief

by farhi (not verified) on

ha ha...u should be a chief accountant :)


Israeli propaganda

by Shizzy (not verified) on

File footage from streets of Theran $5.00

3 cans of Spray paint (black/white/blue) $35.00

Cheap tripod $45.00

Mini DV cam $650.00

3 pack mini DV tape $8.00

FinalCut editing software $450.00

Israeli propaganda machine … fricken priceless.


The only think scarier than Israel's

by Has humanity gone mad? (not verified) on

past atrocities is its future atrocities!


60 disasterous years and counting....

by For an Akhond free Iran (not verified) on

60 years of war, destruction and misery
for Palestinians and Israel neighbours!

Who will be responsible for these crimes and worse to come in future? The British bastards who established this criminal enterprise?!

Isreal sees its right to bomb anything and anyone they feel like in the middle east.

The silence of humanity is a shame. Time will come when people look back at this era and wonder in shame why everyone witnessed this injustice and remained silent?!

This is by far the bloodies and disgraceful legacy of British empire!

It also is hurting American image and ideals. US cukture and constitution stands for freedom and justice. It abhores racism and discrimination. For US politicians to defend egregious policies of Tel Aviv is betrayal of American principles. American constitution is a secular progressive document. It is religious zealatry that endorses crimes of Israel.


2/3 of Israelies are for peace

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

As some of you mentioned below, many Israelis are for peace. Based on a recent report from US NPR, 2/3 of Israelis are for peace. I believe it is time for Iran and Iranians to take this into consideration.
While Iran should seriously prepare itself for those loose canons in Israel and their AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) arm in the US, it should strengthen peaceful Israelis and Jewish liberals in the US such as George Soros', Olbermans, ... who are trying to put a leash on AIPAC .... as Soros says:
"I am not sufficiently engaged in Jewish affairs to be involved in the reform of AIPAC; but I must speak out in favor of the critical process that is at the heart of our open society. I believe that a much-needed self-examination of American policy in the Middle East has started in this country; but it can't make much headway as long as AIPAC retains powerful influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Some leaders of the Democratic Party have promised to bring about a change of direction but they cannot deliver on that promise until they are able to resist the dictates of AIPAC."


Where are your priorities?

by Behrooz (not verified) on

I do not know why none of these people who show this much hostility towards Israel, do not even for a moment bother to have a look closer toward their own home.
Into the Persian Gulf and the illigal artificial micro states like Emirate which was planted ther only fifty years ago by the British and US by curving the land from out own country, in order to give the free acces to the Middle East oil resourses . Countries whose residents are Arabs from Saudi Arabia and economical migrants from across the world.
Countries which have now become so arrogant that are attwmpting to change the name of Persian Gulf and make an even more illegal claim on our three Iranian Islands in the PERSIAN GULF.

Well guys where are your priorities? Are you another sell out BIGAANEH PARAST who defend Arabs while they keep hating your guts and are trying to wipe you and your identity from the face of planet, ortrying to steel your assets and devide land between themselves.

Looking back at our history near and far Arabs have done much more damage to this country than Israelis have ever even dreamed of. Iran and Israel have historically been friends and most people who feel threatened by to hate towards Israel, do not even know why they are against Israel. They are just like goats following the herd

And finally to the observer: Well mate how about 1300 years of human and cultural genocide of Iranians

What pathetic looser !!!!!


Yek Irani

by Parthian on

"More than 50% of Jews living in Israel are against this treatment of Palestinians. Unfortunately, a minority militant are always more vocal and governing entity. So, ask Jewish folks, they are even against the very same inhumane treatment."

Oh, you mean a lot like IR, more than 75% of the people are against it, but a minority militant are not just vocal, but executing, oppressing, and stealing the wealth of the country while talking about God, and Islam. May be we should start sympathizing at home first before we start lecturing others...


The very same atrocities

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

The very same atrocities that Europeans brought on Jews, are now brought on palestinians by Zionists. More than 50% of Jews living in Israel are against this treatment of Palestinians. Unfortunately, a minority militant are always more vocal and governing entity. So, ask Jewish folks, they are even against the very same inhumane treatment. I sympethize with humane beings who are being treated unjustly no matter if they are Palestinian, Jewish or any other ethnicity. For this, one needs to question what the 60th anniversary means. It is all political gimmik!!!!!!!!

I wish we were as open-minded internationally as we are domestically. To do this, we need to put aside racism and prejudice. will we??????????????????????????????


Iranians hate israel

by Iranianshateisrael (not verified) on

Most Iranians hate Israel. Islamic regime has done a good job brain washing them all to hate Israel. That includes children too.

It's nearly impossible to break the code. They'll never have a dialog at least not for another 100 years.



by Anoyed (not verified) on



Totally fake video

by nitemustfall on

I don't think anyone would DARE creating and sending this from Tehran. It is most likely put togethr from Israel. There's no hard feelings against the people of Israel. It is their government policy which is causing most problems in the Middle East, and the world.



Iranians should learn from Israelis

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

I believe Iran should open the dialog with Israel. It is true that Israelis have been kind enough to teach the countries in this region the need for having the nukes by stockpiling several hundred of those things ... but there are also good things that can be learned from Israelis ..... Iranians (and IRI) could learn from Israelis how to build a more just society, one with a more balanced distribution of wealth .... Iran is in disparate need of that knowledge, the gap between the rich and the poor in Iran is appalling .....



by MRX1 (not verified) on

anything that irritates islamo facists in Iran or resident islamo facists in here is worth celeberating. GO ISREAL!



by Zion on

Abarmard are you kidding? Israel is a democracy, that means every couple of years the 'regime` is put to vote and is changed.

We are asking the Israeli regime to change course and consider million refugees as a first class citizen of the State of Israel.
Do you see how ridiculous your claim is?
Which state will accept such a thing?
Especially potentials enemies looking to dismantle the state by their shear numbers.
What a joke.


A Great Day Is Coming (soon I hope)

by Blue-eyed Canadian Sheik (not verified) on

Yes, what a great day it will be when all Moslems, all Jews, all Christians, all Buddhists, in fact when all practitioners of all religions disappear from "God's" green earth.

All of you hateful, spiteful, discriminatory and bigoted people are very welcome to disappear and leave the rest of us to live in peace and harmony.

I gave up on my religion (Christianity) many years ago... please join me in freeing your minds.


Expressions of Nakba (60 years of occupation)

by Tafreshi on


Here are a selection of works of high artistic quality that give moving visual expression to the experience of Nakba as it happened 60 years ago and as it reverberates in the continued oppression of the Palestinians today. 



by eyeranian on




One does not get happy or

by Iranian- on

One does not get happy or sad if this graffiti was actually in Tehran. That would be amusing if it was true.

Having said that, it seems like the wall on the background had already faded Arabic and Hebrew writings on it before the new graffiti was painted over them. So it is possible that the wall is from some location in Israel or occupied territories.

I think the creators of this video next time might want to select a cleaner wall to put the graffiti on it.


Your comment does not make sence!

by Shahrokh T (not verified) on

I do not care what your opinion is for Israel. Unfortunately, the people of Israel had chosen the government. So you cannot say that you do not like the government but you like the people of Israel.

The Satmers (Jewish claiming Rabbis) that you have seen in Iran kissing Ahmadi-nejad are not living in Israel. Their number is less than 300. They do not accept anybody else as a Jew. They live in Upstate NY. They believe in God will destroy the whole world and just them (as true Jews) will be alive. They will fly by some kind of bird to the holly place. Based on what they have read Torah their way. There will be no war any more, because there is just them in the whole world. They will not start this big war and not involved in the big war that has killed all of us or children, but they will be only human in the whole world. If you do not believe me, give them a call and ask them.
1. This kind of bird is defined as airplanes for Zionist. I do not know how Satmers define this bird.
2. The leader of Satmers has lost part of his family at the camps in Europe. He mentioned when he was in Iran with KKK and Ahmadinejad, but he loves Ahmadinejad.
3. According to CIA fact book the people of Israel are
Jewish 76.4%, Muslim 16%, Arab Christians 1.7%, other Christian 0.4%, Druze 1.6%, unspecified 3.9% (2004). If there are other fact books, I guess the ratio will be the same. 1/4 of Israelis are not Jewish.

Anyways, good luck of being against them, but I feel you need to be against Rafsanjani and Khameneii first. The ones how have stolen our freedom in 1980-81.


Iranians are not against Israel

by Abarmard on

They are against the Israeli regime. I don't think anyone should advocate the elimination of Israel. There are great citizens who live there and have every right to do so. We are asking the Israeli regime to change course and consider million refugees as a first class citizen of the State of Israel. Please separate the regime with its people.


A shame for humanity!

by Anonymo (not verified) on

How many Palestinians have been killed
and injured and forced out of their homes?

Ask Israeli neighbours about this 60 years.



by Iva (not verified) on

Mr. Javid why are you censoring my comments ... a few of my comments have not been posted?!!


Someone said, "Israel is continuously threatening our country and provoking the U.S. to attack!"

I believe it's Iran's government that constantly stating that THEY WANT TO ERADICATE ISRAEL FROM MAP OF THE WORLD. I don't recall reading/seeing/hearing, not for once, that an Israeli government official say that Israel duty is to wipe Iran off of world's map.


You know what happened to the last people who said let them eat

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

cake? Their heads were chopped off!

Unfortunately, while some are eating cake, others are starving. And FYI it is our business as Israel is continuously threatening our country and provoking the U.S. to attack!


I agree this is fake!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

This video is a definite fake. First Iranians would not take time to write graffiti for the celebration of anyone, let alone Israel, an occupying nation who has victimized the Palestinians for the past 60 years.

We have seen alot of these fake videos!


Let them eat cake

by (not verified) on

Sort out our country first before worrying about Palestinians, Israelis or any other nations for that matter.

I say "Let them eat cake!"


Thank you Tehran

by kourosh -e- kabir (not verified) on

Happy b-day The great state of Isreal.


It's a fake!!!!!

by Anonymous-this (not verified) on

That wall could be anywhere, folks. It's called editing. Look into it, Fred aka Zion. Happy 60th birthday from the resident zionists!

iraj khan

Today Palestinians marked

by iraj khan on

Today Palestinians marked the 60th anniversary of their uprooting with rallies, sirens and black balloons an annual ritual made even darker this year by diminishing independence hopes.

Thursday's events commemorated the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who either fled or were driven out of their homes during the 1948 war over Israel's creation. Palestinians call it their "nakba," Arabic for catastrophe.


A quote from Eisenhower, things were surely different back then!

by truthseeker (not verified) on

Dwight Eisenhower, when he was running for re-election in 1956 and simultaneously trying to contain growing instability in the Middle East as a result of tensions between Israel and its neighbors, wrote a letter to an adviser as follows:

"As we began to uncover evidence that something was building up in Israel, we demanded pledges from Ben-Gurion that he would keep the peace. We realized that he might think he could take advantage of this country because of the approaching election and because of the importance that so many politicians in the past have attached to our Jewish vote. I gave strict orders to the State Department that they should inform Israel that we would handle our affairs exactly as though we didn't have a Jew in America. The welfare and best interests of our own country were to be the sole criteria on which we operated."

Back then, telling Israel that "the welfare and best interests of our country were to be the sole criteria on which we operated" -- and that "we would handle our affairs exactly as though we didn't have a Jew in America" -- was likely an uncontroversial sentiment. Today, if an American politician said anything remotely like that -- that when formulating foreign policy in the Middle East, American interests would take precedence over Israel's -- how many seconds would elapse before the full-scale and permanent destruction of their political career was complete?


a quote from Einstein that fits the occasion

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Here is a great quote from the master (Ostad in Persian)
regarding the idea of Jews being God's chosen people, Einstein wrote "the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong and with whose mentality I have a deep affinity have no different quality for me than all other people. As far as my experience goes, they are also no better than other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot see anything 'chosen' about them."

I wish resident and none resident extremists (Islamist, Zionist, Christian ..... flavors) were influenced by Einstein, and George Soros,.... instead of Ayatollahs, mofties, Churches, ... and AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee-the cancer that did not exist at the time of Einstein).