Persian music in Israel (1)

Persian music taught and performed in Israeli music school

Delighful surprise! PART 1 -- PART 2 -- PART 3


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Thanks Fred

by Zion on

You said it best. Thanks for all your posts, and for always talking sense.


Cultural safe boxes

by Fred on

Some might be pleasantly surprised to find out the extent of cultural contributions made to the Persian mosaic by her Jewish children. At critical juncture when marauding invaders were intent on wiping out the Persian cultural heritage, the Persian Jews acted as the cultural safe boxes safeguarding and adding to the deposited jewels.  This is particularly the case in music were Islam forbade it and if it wasn’t for Persian Jews (no tradition of written musical notes) preserving and passing it along, there would hardly be any Traditional Persian music left to speak of. The Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies just don’t grasp the deep rooted intertwined relationship and will not see the day that Iranians turning on Jews, never ever.



by Zion on

Thanks a lot Ziba.

Yesss! ;->


About our zion....

by Ziba in US (not verified) on

I like our Zion, too. Here. Just had to say it.



by Zion on

Ahhhh, that was really nice. LOL. Thanks for the compliment my friend!


Why are you surprised?

by nemah (not verified) on

Iranian are number one minority in Israel, Israeli like Iranian people, if ever you visit, tell you are Iranian and you be only surprised how well you are liked, it's the governments that, well let's just stop here.



by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Zion says: "Those damned evil zionist pigs!"

Zion, the main one I know around here is neither evil nor a pig, he is a sweet donkey.


simply beautiful!

by samsam1111 on

God bless the Jews who 2500 years ago chose our 1st king as their saviour and still today choose the descendents of the same nation & king as their President & leaders!!! Show me another nation as gratefull as Jews toward Iran..Let,s hope for peace for all in middle east.


I love to go there someday

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

Like us Iranians they have some assholes and many good fun loving people. World with no boundries please. Hey I just had my favorite wine and I am very happy tonight. Mokhleseh Arab friends, Kurdish friends, Afghan, Tajik, Turk, Lur and whoever I can not think of. Have some wine please. But don't go overboard like Sheikh Daneshmand said so. Love the humanity.


Why are surprised? They are Iranians who live in israel!

by gol-dust on

As we left for the west, they couldn't afford it or they were cheap or for other reasons, they went to israel since they would get better benefits and they were closer to Iran! Why should they forget their heritage? If they were playing in any other country you wouldn't be suprised! Or is it because of that big divider religion that you are surprised? If so, I feel sorry for you for feeling that way! If you love iran in your heart you are an iranian no matter where you live and what your religious beliefs are! Please don't even mention that Mofaz who wants to bomb iran! I like Mousheh! He is real sheytoon mousheh who is a gigolo politician.

Rosie T.

We are the world. We are the children... / `Ali Reza: Shoosh

by Rosie T. on

Let us all eat kebab together and then dance a hora.

Shall we?

Zendeh baad everybody.



PS Ali, it is Shoosh in Persian (as you know) and SUSA in English and SHUSHAN in Hebrew.  We learned it for the Purim celebrations.

What is interesting is that Shoosh was originally Shoosh of the Elamites a non-Persian and I BELIEVE non-Semetic civilzaton mentioned in the Bible.  The Achaemenids chose it as their jewel in the crown because of its noble and ancient civilization. 

It is possible that Shoosh may be the oldest CONTINUOUSLY inhabited settlement in the world (about 8000 years).  Baby Kiarostami (Bahram??) has a GORGEOUS short film in black and white called Shooshraa didam, and the ravages and the preservations of time as captured in black and white will make your head and your heart... spin.

Shoosh of the Elamites.


Cyrus the GreaT freed the Jews

by ali reza (not verified) on

Many people may not know that Cyrus The Great freed the jews from Babylon and brought them to Persian Empire and he is well spoken in their holy book,Esther a Jew was a Persian queen,Daniel which is one of their prophet is burried in Shusha(shoosh)in khouzestan.During the WWII Iranian embassy in France provided Iranian passports to number of French jewish citizens so they can escape the Nazi persecution.Before the revolution there were around 250,000jewish living in Iran. Because of these they have an appreciation and feel a deep connection to Iran.

Kaveh Nouraee

It's Only Natural

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Culturally there have always been very strong similarities between the two. That's why I go off like a Roman candle when I see our beautiful cultures and traditions, which are as old as time itself, being morphed into some generic Arab "thing". Sure, there are some similarities there too, but that's because of Islam, and not secular similarities.


Moshe Katsav...

by Anonymousbroskie (not verified) on

is the FORMER president of Israel, born in Yazd. He is the FORMER president because he resigned following a series of sexual harrassment and rape charges. way to go moshe.

Shaul Mofaz, the israeli minister of transportation who recently called for military action against iran, was born in Tehran.

Dan Halutz, former chief of staff of the israeli defense forces, was born in Tel Aviv to Iranian parents.



by Zion on

It is true:
Many Israelis have a soft spot for Iran regardless of the current ridiculous political situation

Those damned evil zionist pigs!


Iranian First.. All others 2nd

by shirazie (not verified) on

Hard to get the culture out of your blood.. We all are the same.


It is sad

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

That we have lost our Jewish community to Israel. Imagine all the talent and expertise that have left us. I just hope someday they all come back to Iran and we are one big happy family again.

Rosie T.

Thanks but not really a surprise though...

by Rosie T. on

There's a large Iranian Jewish population in Israel.  I'm pretty sure the President (not PM, of course) is of Persian decent and has sent statements to IRI on that basis.  I will google it later.

(Not to mention the triangular alliance between Israel, Iran and US for so many years under the Shah.  Many Israelis have a soft spot for Iran regardless of the current ridiculous political situation).

As usual, thanks for the posting.