McCain, Iran & terrorism

Keith Olbermann on John McCain's position on Iran and his connection to terrorism financing


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Kaveh Nouraee

Ivory Tower? More Like Basement Flat

by Kaveh Nouraee on

No question, both the elephants and the donkeys have made a great mess of everything, each in their own way.

Nonetheless, you have your point of view and I have mine. Maybe we'll both squeeze into that VW, but I guess on this matter we'll leave it at the curb.  :)

By the way, I read an article on the web today that Keith Olbermann has a past due business tax bill with the state of New York. Not that it changes anything, but since this started with Keith, it might as well end with him.

Until next time!


just a quick note

by IRANdokht on

Thanks for the reply Kaveh

I don't want to take this too far but just wanted to make a note that you don't have to be detained in Guantanamo to be called detainee and be stripped of your rights. Have you heard of the Patriot Act? It's allowing anyone, anywhere to be detained and taken anywhere else including any remote countries and be tortured. It's not just prisoners of war, it's anyone they want! all they need to say is that they are suspicious and that's all it takes. Please don't give me the "prisoners of war" excuse, we all know most of those in Gitmo are not even charged for any crimes and the ones who were released after 3-4-5 years of prison and torture were found not guilty!

The government should not be HMO, but in the republican hands the HMOs do run the government, along with the drug companies, tobacco companies, NRA, and oil companies. It's the reign of corporations that have no regard for people and are only concerned with the bottom line and the share holders profit.

Yes the government should take care of the elderly veterans and children's healthcare.

And the tax breaks for the rich... mostly tax loopholes and GWB's tax cuts that saved regular people 300-500 dollars a year and some millionaires paid a whole million dollars less in taxes.

You think that's fair? then you don't know how most of the middle class in this country is squeezed with low wages and unemployment while all the prices of food and energy have gone up, some of them are losing their homes and can't even afford a place to live!

I envy you now, I wish I lived in an ivory tower too... :0)



Kaveh Nouraee

Not brave.....practical

by Kaveh Nouraee on

It has nothing to do with GWB.

The government has been listening to people's conversations for years. It just that it has become increasingly common knowledge, as with the arrests.

I assume by detainees you mean Guantanamo. They are prisoners of war, and are not afforded the same legal rights as a civilian in police custody. These are not a bunch of fraternity boys who are in trouble for hazing an underclassman. It is a war, whether we want to admit it or not, and regardless of who did what to whom.

As far as the abortion issue, that's a personal matter that I believe has no place in government. The government should have no position whatsoever. Same with the marriage issue.

A government is not supposed to take care of people, other than to ensure public safety. Health care is the personal responsibility of each individual. The government shouldn't be an HMO. Veterans benefits need to be in place. Taking care of the environment is everyone's responsibilty, not the government's. And if you cut tax breaks to the rich just on the basis that they are rich, whatever that is supposed to mean, then that will eventually hurt the middle and lower socio-economic classes, who rely on the so called rich as employers.

I'm not dismissing facts. I just have a different view than yours.



very brave of you Kaveh

by IRANdokht on

After what the GWB administration has done to the US and the world, you are very brave to still call yourself a republican! You're advocating that party for its small government? you mean the kind of small government we have now? The kind of small government that listens to people's conversations, can arrest anyone at any time and keep for any length of time? the one that denies its detainees habeas corpus? the government that is so small it actually fits in people's bedrooms and tells them who they can marry and who they can't? the small government that dreams about fitting into a woman's body and telling her what to do with the fetus she's carrying?

A small republican government is only small when it's supposed to be taking care of the people, providing health care to children and veterans, taking care of the environment, providing assistance to the elderly, when it's time to cut the tax benefits of the rich...

I wouldn't be very proud of being republican. I am amazed that people as intelligent as you can dismiss all these facts.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

He worked on FOX Sports, so I don't know how Bush/Cheney plays into that, (if it ever did), but anyway.....

I'll freely admit that I'm not a liberal or a Democrat. If I'm going to carry a "party label" it would be Republican. Well, at least my voter registration card says I am, anyway. That's because I believe in very small government, which is counter to the Democratic Party agenda.

What I'll also say about Keith Olbermann, and it's not really any stretch, is that he and O'Reilly are really not that different. Both are very blunt, and they both have reputations for rubbing people the wrong way. In a way, they complement each other, by peeling away more layers of the proverbial onion than most talking heads on TV news. By watching both of them, you get more raw data from which you can form your own opinion.

As far as Ann Coulter, personally I think she's just plain white trash. Tucker should be at home with a glass of warm milk preparing for his SATs, and Sean Hannity needs more fiber in his diet, because sometimes he does come across the TV screen like he is terminally constipated.

BTW, I can't say I feel singled out, I know others are being deleted, it's just that I don't know what they're getting deleted for because their posts are being deleted before I get the chance to read them!! (Say that fast ten times). Thanks for taking the time to read my comments. We don't have to always see eye to eye, nor should we. Embracing diversity doesn't only mean diversity of religion or nationality, but also diversity of ideas and thoughts. The diversity of all of the immigrants in this country, Irish, English, German, Italian, Greek, Asian, Hispanic and yes, even Iranian made this former British colony the economic superpower that it is. And none of those people were censored or otherwise restricted the way its is being done here. 


Dear Kaveh

by IRANdokht on

only mildly entertaining? oh c'mon :0)

I think you are looking at it too negatively. If Olbermann was after easy money he would not go against the network he was working on and do what all FOX folks do: become a Bush/Cheney mouthpiece. Isn't that the easier way to keep their job?

The very fact that he was bouncing from one network to the other until MSNBC figured out how popular he is and kept him on shows that this time the network gave in and only because of the most important factor in a corporation: the bottom line. He's bringing people to the MSNBC, and they needed that popularity.

That's the only reason why he's not being canned now. He has gained popularity amongst the people who are sick of hearing Ann Coulter, O'Reily, Hannity, Tucker and the rest of the clowns.

BTW don't feel singled out, although I agree with Rosie about you being too intimidating sometimes, I don't think you are the only one whose comments are being deleted unnecessarily. I like to read your comments although I do not agree with you sometimes.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

No, I'm just someone whose posts get deleted left and right.



United States Of Israel

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

It makes me sick to see in America we chose the candidates that cares about Israel the most.Dose this make any since? Am I the only one who is not getting it here?How about choosing a candidate that cares about America the most?You're not telling me what is good for Israel is good for America! Are you?


AIPAC is the most decent organization on Earth (the other way ar

by Mehdi on

That's why all criminal governments support them. There is no other explanation.


Kaveh you must be an O'riely guy

by Sharazie (not verified) on

you have some of your facts right - actual only one he was on ESPN then went to work for your pal Rupert Murdoch on Fox Sport.. Got fired and went to MSNBC.

He is the voice of Liberals, Progressives, lefties and tree huggers like me.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I think Olbermann is mildly entertaining too. I've always appreciated dry humor, cynicism and sarcastic wit. It's reminiscent of British humor, to me.

But as far as the substance of the program, is it really him, or is it somewhat staged? That's why I mentioned ESPN. I failed to mention FOX Sports, where he apparently rubbed the bosses there the wrong way as well. They're no different than any other big company or employer who wants to mold everyone on the payroll into their own image.

In order to get along, you have to go along, and apparently his past employment history indicates that he didn't go along.

It makes me suspicious that it may not be what it seems to be, and that he may be in fact pushing the "company agenda" in order to get a paycheck. But it doesn't mean I don't watch from time to time.


Keith is a great reporter

by Afshin. (not verified) on

He is a true reporter. This is a very good report. Great job


Dear Kaveh

by IRANdokht on

As a fan of Keith Olbermann, I'd like to make one point clear: we're not agreeing with what Olbermann says because we're following him! or he can sway us one way or another! we're agreeing because he's saying what we are thinking already.

That's why it's irrelevent what ESPN thinks of him!

He's saying it the way we feel it, and more power to him! It's good to see a brave man who doesn't sugar coat it, or dumb it down like the rest of the news people on TV! That's why we like him and we enjoy watching him.



Kaveh Nouraee

Keith Olbermann

by Kaveh Nouraee on

is unfortunately allowing personal ideology to get in the way of what he is supposed to do. Rather than reporting the news, he is becoming news himself. Whether or not this is at the behest of MSNBC is unclear. He is becoming a caricature with his constant nomination of Bill O'Reilly as "Worst Person in the World".

Note to Keith: OK, dude, we get it. Get over it. We know you hate O'Reilly, but you're starting to sound like some stalker. Or worse yet, a spurned ex-wife who got shafted in the divorce.

Now, of course Countdown is not a conventional news program with an anchor and reader and so forth. But it still is a forum of topicality where whatever the "top story" is discussed with more depth of coverage than let's say, the 11PM news.

That being said, it's hard enough to take a guy who made wisecracks on ESPN SportsCenter for a living too seriously. Especially when it was revealed that he burned so many bridges at ESPN because of his behavior, that he is not permitted on the grounds of their Bristol, Connecticut headquaters for any reason.

Feel free to use the information to formulate your own opinion.



by Ali the Leb (not verified) on

Don't just stop there...

show this one too



McCain is even a bigger idiot!

by Nader on

If you think Bush was bad, then wait until McCain takes power. He is far worst. My hat is off to Mr. Olbermann for telling it like it is.


olbermann is a great

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

olbermann is a great American.


The only democracy in the Middle East

by XerXes (not verified) on

Those who support McCain or are pro Israel should educated themselves. It's not a crime to know more.