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Here in London, there are

by Agha bala khan (not verified) on

Here in London, there are very few English people to be seen. This man is a rare case. Anyway, we Moslems are in majority here and one day will the majority in UK. Prince Charles had his sons circumsized. We send him gheyme polo in ashoura tasoua. One day soon, we will hold our maraseme azadari in Buckingham Palace. Our Queen never rejected the plates of gheymeh polo we send her, she is particularly fond od sholeh zard. The government is discussing closing the pubs or make them serve fruit juice and sont drinks instead.


All good points but why should we allow them to rape us again!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

You all have made excellent and valid points, but this comes down to the reason why many of us are totally against foreign intervention in the affairs of Iran, regardless of how we may feel about Iran's current situation.

We all know our own history all too well, as well as countries that have been colonized by the west; nothing good has ever come out of it. They have exploited our resources for their own benefit, removed democratic leaders and in return put in place dictators, have no interest for countries to advance, become self-reliant and remain independent, don't give a hoot about human rights, and justice; these are merely tools that are used to fool the ignorant.

So why are some Iranian dissidents, including the monarchists, the MEK, and others begging the U.S., U.K. and France to once again interfere in the affairs of Iran? And why do they call the rest who say “never again”, pro IRI agents? Maybe some of us have learned that we don’t want history to be repeated again, and see the writing on the wall!

I neither care for Saudi Arabia, nor do I care for Western powers. However why should, hypocrisy and double standards be the monopoly of the West?

Obviously, it doesn't matter that while the Iraqi people are starving, the U.S. is building an Embassy larger than Vatican City in the heart of Baghdad, with all the pomp and glory, but God forbid if the same Saudi Arabia whom the U.K. and the U.S. love for its oil, and purchase of billions of dollars of useless military ammunition builds a mosque the size of a stadium in the heart of London. They also don’t have a problem when the Arabs pump billions of dollars to keep the Western financial institutions from going into bankruptcy, but then cry like victims when a mosque is built.

Eat your heart out England, and just shut up and swallow what the Saudis are giving you, they have the money; and you know what they say, CASH is KING!!


In your haste Mr. Shadru

by Mehran Almasi (not verified) on

defending the Middle Eastern masses and intellectuals, you contradicted yourself by admitting that it was Iranians who cooperated with the English and the Americans to destroy our democratic movements. Did you expect foreigners not to rape us when we have our own people selling our democracies for a few bucks?
There have and will always be countries that can and will rape other countries. Which countries continue to get raped again and again are the ones that do not have the collective cultural wisdom to tame or deflect the attempts.
By your own admission, the west has played us out since 1906. They will continue to do so as long as we have the collective culture as you see in these replies, blaming everything on the west and not taking any responsibility.
I have one rule of thumb about this: The more a group of people is raped is directly correlated to how easily they allow themselves to be raped as a result of selfishness, shortsightness, infighting amongst many other reasons.


check out the history of

by darius (not verified) on

check out the history of this conflict:


The author is publishing the articles in NY times. The first two parts have been published.




by Zion on

He is saying it exactly as it is. Good for him.
Do you really think that all people in the West are jus copies of each other and that each one is in agreement with and responsible for all her land has done in her entire history?

But you have a point. Britain as a whole is in deep trouble, paying for her policies that have always had a soft spot for arabs and their romantic vision of the desert and its cults.



by Ali (not verified) on

It takes some nerves for a British person to whine and complain about foreign cultural interference in their country!

So, you're not happy that they're building a Mosque in your neighborhood? Boohoo! How do you think Africans felt when you were actually RENAMING their countries after your stupid BUSINESSMEN (ex: Rhodesia)?!! How do you think they felt when you were steeling their lands, hijacking their governments, raping their resources, changing their entire language and culture? And these atrocities were committed in your your own life time.

How do you think people of the Middle-East felt when your democratically elected leaders were actually drawing the maps of their region, creating new artificial countries with brutal dictator puppets installed in them? Wasn't that cultural interference??!

And you really don't wanna talk about "violence" either. Just take a look at the world's map, there are entire continents that your "cleansed" from their original inhabitants and turned into English speaking Christian Protestant lands!

So, a little advice for you; just try to keep quiet about the new mosque and all, as a British man you really don't want to stir up these debates.


British B. S.

by Dariush (not verified) on

I don't think British qualify to comment on human rights or pass Judgement on Islam or any other religion or country. considering their history in slavery business they ran from Africa and robbing that continent for past few hundred years, for what they have done in India, Pakistan, Afkanistan, Iran, Palestine, Irland, Indian American and on and on and on. These sneaky bastards are behind every war in the world and yet talks all these nonesense. If they send a few doctores to Africa, it is not to help Africans, It is to test their new medicines for free, since the life of the Africans doesn't count. What they offer in the name of freedom, is another form of slavery painted in freedom! we have experience that for the past 100 years. The latest freedom they send us was in form of chemical bombs. So, He may be able to sell his B.S. craps to some of his country men, but not to us.

Dara Shadru

Neo-colonial Mouthpieces Talking From Both Sides Of Mouth!

by Dara Shadru on

It is interesting to see that the mouthpieces of Western neo-colonial powers talk from both sides of their mouths. On one hand, they call such medieval regimes in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt moderate states and on the other hand, when there is an international outcry on abuses, they shed crocodile tears on lack of basic human rights in these satellite states.

These regimes are the creation of the Western powers. If the West hadn't brought to life such bloodsuckers and was not arming them to their teeth with the most sophisticated arms and was not training their secret service with the latest techniques of torture, would there be a Saudi regime?

You think the Saudi masses and the intellectuals are incapable of grasping modern and liberating views and do not wish to free their society from the tentacles of these sheiks, the Western lackeys and the medieval parasites. You think the democratic Saudi groups do not wish to free their people from stone age conditions. (At least in the stone age, the women were highly regarded and were not treated like animals.)

Throughout years, the West has been the main defender and the backbone of the clergy and the sheiks in these societies. They are the ones who created the Taliban and the Saudis. They have nothing against Taliban/Saudi views but rather against those who are not in compliance.

In Iran, they (headed by the English and Tsarist forces) allied with the clergy (Mashru-e Khahan) and the dictatorial lackeys against the Constitutionalists (Mashrute Khahan) in the 1906 democratic revolution and bombed the parliament. They allied with the clergy headed by Ayatollah Kashani in 1953 against the democratic government of Dr. Mossadegh and overthrew his democratically elected government. (Kermit Roosevelt, one of the engineers of the 1953 coup, writes in his diary that they spread rumors that Mossadegh was a communist when they were passing out dollars bills to street gangs and hoodlums to chant "Down with Mossadegh".) 


Not bad in regard to Saudi Arabia

by Ahora (not verified) on

He is right about the Saudis. Jews and Saudis share a lot of similarity in behavior and attitudes. Babk 56 can verify that !!!.


Sense Of Fairness!

by G. Rahmanian (not verified) on

The Commentator talks about "sense of fairness."

I wonder how much the British "sense of fairness" actually costs!


Islamophobia.This person

by Hossein (not verified) on

Islamophobia.This person needs 2 take a chil pill. A cold shower.


Islam for kids

by Babk56 (not verified) on