Hoosh Hoosh Bahoosh

Excellent Persian language videos for children

Recently I was introduced to a web site that offers educational videos for teaching Persian to children. Hoosh Hoosh Bahoosh is the creative work of Iranian American parents who wanted their children to "relate to their heritage and speak several languages, especially Farsi. Being both raised outside of Iran, it took dedication from our parents to push Farsi. Thanks to them, we speak fluently and feel grounded by our rich culture." I found their work to be very tasteful, smart, fun and beautifully made. The best I've seen so far. They get a big 100 Afarin from me. See these two video clips. Also visit their site >>> hooshhooshbahoosh.com


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Hoosh Hoosh is so Bahoosh!

by Yalda (not verified) on

I was introduced to Hoosh hoosh a few months ago and have watched the entire production several times over and over and over... and over.

It is extremely endearing, the artwork is beautiful, and the context appropriate for children 2+ yrs of age.

It is a must have for families struggling to maintain a connection with our language and culture.


Great work, needs improvement on "Khanevadeh"

by AnonymousOfToday (not verified) on

Overall a very nice work from from watching the sample clips but I might be judging to soon.

One improvment is on the definition of "khanevadeh" as not all families are made of pesar and dokhtar. There could a number of different combination of mohter, father, brother, and sister.



Love it

by ToofanZeGreat on

This is just great, keep it up


To the makers of HHB: Please disregard ignorant comments!

by Gay mother (not verified) on

You've got to be kidding about the "extended family" comment! What a way to encourage fellow iranians for doing such a great job and actually taking the initiative to do something productive and useful, ie teach the next generation Persian language and culture. This is about educating kids in engaging ways to learn their mother language, not about educating them on gay and lesbian families and single mother families. There is absolutely nothing wrong with gay and lesbian families, as I am a gay mother myself, and yet I don't feel the need to have to superimpose my lifestyle and beliefs on every child and certainly not in this context! Rather, I would prefer to raise them with an open mind and have them make choices and decide for themselves. Instead of encouraging these people, we have nothing else to do but post our petty comments! Iranians are truly backwards, even the modern ones! To whoever made Hoosh Hoosh Bahoosh, thank you! Thank you for thinking of this idea and for helping moms like me encourage children to learn their mother language and for doing it in such a fun way! I applaud all your efforts and truly appreciate your creativity and dedication. Please excuse the ignorant comments. Thank you!


it's PERSIAN, not Farsi, Mr. Editor

by manesh on



hooshet koosh?

by Anonyhoosh (not verified) on

It's cute, except that the 'Khaanevaadeh" clip is such a heteronormative way of teaching Irooni kids what constitutes a family! You know what? The repeated utterance in this clip notwithstanding, some khanevaadehs are not just "maadar, Pedar, Dokhtar, Pesar"... Nuclear family is not (and has not been) the only form of family structure in Iran and elsewhere (extended families, hello?)
How about same-sex families? or would that be beyond the hoosh of hooshi's educators?


soooooooooooo cute

by urstruly (not verified) on

specially the kalagh one.... ahhhhh, thanks, more please...


Great initiatief.

by پیام on

Just great.