French Googoosh

Sings "Retour de la ville"

Here are two rare recordings of the multi-talented Persian/Iranian diva singing in French. The songs are called "Retour de la Ville" and "J'Entende Crier J'Taime" and they were recorded in the 70s in France. In fact, Googoosh won the first prize at Canne in 1970 and was given a recording contract by Barclay Records. Thanks again to for the images.


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by ziba (not verified) on

She is unforgettable!

Darius Kadivar

Thanks for Fairuz

by Darius Kadivar on

Indeed Fairuz is one of the Greatest singers of the Arab World.

I also saw a song by Googoosh in Arabic from 1974, I believe which she sang during the Shah's State Visit to Iraq to sign a Peace Treaty with Saddam Hussein. Not necessarily the best Memory for Iranians but Ironically it was one of her very best Televised Performances where she sang in Persian of course, Arabic and English.

I was not able to find it again on youtube though, I think it may have been retrieved.


Long Live Googoosh and Fairuz فيروز

Enjoy ..... (not verified)

Darius KADIVAR THANKS for the post.

I like Googoosh a lot. But I love Fairuz. Here songs are so Passionate.
She is partly Turk (on father side) and Christian from Lebanon.
You do not needed to be from Lebanon to feel the passion and LOVE she expresses in here songs.

To Me Googoosh is the free spirit of the childhood …
and Fairuz is expression of the love and bond we have to each other via our common denominator, IRAN …

Please Listen to this ....