Firouz Naderi

Are we alone in the universe?

( Dr. Firouz Naderi is a proud member of PAAIA. Join PAAIA and help unite our community. Dr. Firouz Naderi has spent most of the last decade managing NASA programs in pursuit of a most fundamental question - are we alone in the universe? The contribution our civilization makes to answer this question, he says, will be the legacy for which we will be remembered even centuries from now after transient issues of today are long forgotten:


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by Shamse Vazir (not verified) on

I don't necessarily support PAAIA because I don't know enough about them. But they have a right to have their voice here as much as anyone. If Dr. Naderi has joined PAAIA then that is something we should know about. It sure raises PAAIA's credibility with me.

Iranians need role models and leaders and deserve better than the IRI and its supposed "intellectuals". Unfortunately IRI has decimated true Iranian intellectuals in Iran so it is up to Iranians outside to step up.

I much rather have Dr. Naderi for our children to look up to than some mullah. The world needs to know there is more to Iran than some IRI fanatic; that we are better than Ahmadinejad.

AmirAshkan Pishroo

thanks eroonman

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

Interesting points. I agree.


This man is truly all

by Arman * (not verified) on

This man is truly all heart.
Do not dis him.


He is a true role model

by Shahriar Shahabi (not verified) on

Dear friends,

I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Nader at a dinner gala in Washington DC some months back and I can vouch for the fact that he is not only decent and caring human being, but a real hero to his cause of humanity that stems from his Iranian roots.

He is compassionate and dedicated to the cause of children and for good reason, they are the future.

I am honored to have met him, even if it was for 20 or 30 minutes. So please do not engage in belittling modern day heroes and icons of our time as they venture on doing something noble and good for our community. Value them, treasure them and support them not with blind faith but with a common conviction, shared objectives and a unified vision of once again restoring the Iranian name on the world stage.

God bless.

Shahriar Shahabi


PAAIA Should pay for these ads

by eroonman on

This is clearly an advertisement for PAAIA, a very rich, self appointed organization that claims (without authorization) to represent the Iranian community without one ounce of effort put forth so far to first collect us and bring us together, and THEN ask us for our permission to mobilize us for the common good. I have no doubt PAAIA's intentions are honorable, however, apparently there is no intelligent life on Planet PAAIA for using an outdated emperor's motive and technique on us, which is both boring and boorish. "Build it and they will follow" doesn't work anymore! DO THE RIGHT THING!


You go Mr. Naderi! We are

by AL (not verified) on

You go Mr. Naderi!

We are definitely not alone, definitely!



by SaeedT (not verified) on

I wouldn't necessary say I am proud which I am, but more than that I am inspired!

It is the spirit of a man that defines who he is and not where he is from. Dr. Naderi is an inspiring example that you can adapt to any new environment (yes even Mars) and not only make the best out of it, but inspire others to search for something greater than themselves.

If we try so hard to hold on to what makes us Iranian/Persian then we get disconnected with what the real Iranians in Iran are going through and becoming. But it is a fact that we have become a hybrid of both cultures here in US and we are in need of a new identity and agree Dr. Naderi does set a brilliant example to follow.

As Dr. Naderi said make the best of what you have and play the hand you are dealt! Brilliant!!


نه بابا ما تنها نیستیم

زنده ولی گمنام (not verified)

خیلی‌ موجودات زنده هستند که در ایران زندگی‌ می‌‌کنند.



by Mokhlesse (not verified) on

With men like Mr. Naderi, we see that it's worth to fight hard for our identity. May we one day find the place in this world that we deserve.