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English the "official" language of Oklahoma? Nakheyram!

This one might be interesting for discussion. This guy says that English must be made the "official" language of Oklahoma. He refers to two Iranians who have sued the state for not offering the driver's test in Farsi.


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sorry for my poor English...

by sarekar (not verified) on

but I wonder how a person kill him/herself to live in another country but don't bother to learn its language??I think maybe they did it purposley so they can make another nasty image of the iranians(don't forget that many of those anti-american hizbollahs, actually live in there!plus ppl who were sent by the govertment,those who held aashoora ,taasooa right in NY).and of course sometimes most of us don't know what to do with alllll those freedom .they should've listened to afghans who live in Iran,to understand how lucky they were to be chosen to live in America.


I agree with the reporter

by sk22 (not verified) on

I agree with the reporter but the reporter and the family are both wrong. They do not represent Iranian Americans who the best of Americans. So both should be quiet and shut up.
It is this kind of people who cause distance between nations.


English and Persian

by maz (not verified) on

I agree with all. If you want to live in America, Eglish is THE national language. It is THE language of today's world, technology , information etc. I also recommend to Iranian family to continue teacheing their children Persian language which is their heritage and very rich language.

Good luck and Pedrud Bashid.



None-sense Lawsuit

by AnonymousMM (not verified) on

Now these two assholes deserve to be told to get the f@%# out of America.



by cyrus- (not verified) on

Someone should send this reporter the link above so he would use it in his next report that most Iranian agree with him and avoid un-neccessary backlash against the Iranians living in Oklahoma.


I agree with the reporter

by farrad02 on

Immigrants who do not want to use or learn the language of the host country, need to go back to their homeland! Period!

There is no limitation in teaching their children the old country's native tongue and no one stops them from using it!  But when they're conducting official business, they should use English!So, I have no problem with English becoming the official language!




He made a very good point

by hazratee on

To become part of the melting pot and not to be segregated.
I say you want to live in this country then you have to learn English, the
official language.



Peliz teranzelet

by Reza411 (not verified) on

Chi goft nafahmidam. Khahesh mikonam yeki tarjomeh koneh be farsi.

Nazy Kaviani

Good English has added benefits

by Nazy Kaviani on

I think Iranians can and must read, write, and speak English fluently. English is not only the language of the country we have chosen as our new home, it is the language of information all over the world. Reading books and newspapers in English helps our everyday conversational English with the added benefit of becoming more aware of the world in which we live. When we have good communication skills, we become more active citizens, commanding respect and attention as a viable minority group.

While I marginally acknowledge the need for language assistance to the less educated minority groups in the US, I don't believe that as the most educated immigrant population of the US (according to census information), Iranians would need that assistance, save for really old people or for those with learning disabilities.


I agree as well

by mahmoudg on

We have all emmigrated into this great Nation and we should learn how to work the system and make it better.  it is one thing to keep our traditions alive and teach our kids to keep their heritage, it is another to become part of this great Nation and ensure that its hegemony is intact.


I agree and I add!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

It is the right idea to make sure everyone speaks English First. This is good policy and good government. The purpose should be to make people assimilate, not to say that English is someohow more superior. Every country should have one official language, while accepting and respecting all other minority languages.


agree with the reporter

by nan joon (not verified) on

Everyone should learn English. I don't like seeing different groups of people not blending in, and not wanting to learn.