Ali Daei

Interview on Futbol Mondial



Simply the best.

by boro-baba (not verified) on

Daei was a super star. No question about it.
Damet garm dada.


Ali Daei will always be a

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

Ali Daei will always be a Hero for Iran. He's a great hope for our Youth in Iran.

He has to have immense self-reliance to stand up among champs in Europe!

Ckakere harchi Iraniye ba ma'arefate!


A B+ average player

by Mostafa Arab (not verified) on

Ali Parvin was ten times better :) - That's if you are old enough to remember him!!


Miz Mammad Jan

by Jaffar Agha (not verified) on

I agree with you. I think Nader is also a Tork :) Y'allah!!

mash mandali

That's it!

by mash mandali on

Now THAT'S  an IRANIAN OF THE DAY and many more days to come.

Gula Gula


Ali Daei, To Khodaei !

by RB.UTC (not verified) on

One of the very few Iranians in the past decade that has done so much for Iran & Iranian football. Thank you from bottom of our hearts. (Yashasin) You are a true hero.....


Daei is "THE" man!

by Nader on

Please look at the clip and watch the goal against Iraq. That one without any doubt is the "best" goal any one has ever scored in the national team PERIOD!

He is a hero and IGNORANT comments like the first one on this thread will do nothing but to humiliate the poster!

Yashasin Shahriar!


Ali is so handsome

by Azita (not verified) on

I mean he is so tall, and good looking.

I also like javad nikoonam, he is so fine


He is sexy. I also love

by Anonymous (not verified) on

He is sexy. I also love Mirzapour...vaaay!


Ali Daei - Daei Ali

by Miz Mammad Jamal-ol-Saltaneh (not verified) on

Torki balad nistam :) Football ham balad nistam!!