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Clip from "Iran Is My Home"

Filmmaker David Diaan (Davoodian), an expatriate residing in Los Angeles , left his native Iran 24 years ago, unable to return due to the sudden and fierce changes that rocked Iran in 1979. However, motivated by a deep longing to visit his motherland and the recent easing up of tensions, he finally deemed it safe enough to pay a visit. Ready for a culture shock, yet haunted by fading memories of his childhood, Diaan filmed his journey with an adoring eye, eager to capture every moment.


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Omid Hast

I used his potion

by Omid Hast on

I used his potion and it was miraculous  :O)


Party Girl aziz, Talking

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

Party Girl aziz,
Talking about culture shock, my 1s visit after 24years had the same effect on me. Everything looked so different. I thought I will be visiting a place that would remind me of my dream land. The people, city and social life is up-to-date and you feel like you're in NY city. For sure I felt a stranger when I had close encounter with people - They know we are stranges to the street-culture. The only aspect that still had the same taste was the eatery!

Cheers to all and Happy mothers day to all mothers!



by Majid on

" kal agar tabib boodi .... sar-e khod dava nemoodi"

Have a great weekend to all of you, Abarmard and Party girl and everyone else on community.

I already started my happy hour..........CHEERS! 



by faryarm on

Fariborz jaan,

Long time no see

Well done...with best wishes





Selling snake oil

by farrad02 on

Everybody is selling snake oil, even Mr. Davoodian! For the rest of it come to AMAZON.COM!



by Abarmard on

Seems like a very interesting person to sit and have tea with. It's Friday and same as Party girl I'll be party guy today :)

Party Girl

Answer's at the end of clip

by Party Girl on

Salam Abarmard. He might have! If you watch to the end, you will hear the philosopher/Attar say that you use this potion and wait two light years for it to work.  So he, himself, might be waiting for the results!  Did you just love the part where he quotes Nietsche?!  Another Iranian to love.  Awesome!

Have a good weekend.



by Abarmard on

Why didn't he use the remedy himself?