Navab family

Atlanta reunion

They came to Orlando, Florida, from Munich, Toronto, San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles .... for the reunion and celebrate grandpa's 83rd birthday>>>LARGER PHOTO

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Fekr mikonid ke kheyli

by mahindookht (not verified) on

Fekr mikonid ke kheyli khoshgelid? Man meymoon az shoma ghashangtar kheyli didam. Az khod kheyli raziha!


There was not one single

by chakereshoma (not verified) on

There was not one single decent looking person in that picture


Hope you all

by wellwisher (not verified) on

Hope you all had a good time at your reunion! =0]


Thank you Dr. Navab

by Kholood (not verified) on

I had the honor of working with Dr. Navab for three years. I have yet to meet someone who is as dedicated and hardworking as he is... he has contributed much to his area of research, all the while giving back to his community, his country, his family and his friends... He has so influenced my growth not just as a scientist but as a human being as well.


NIce photo

by hamid (not verified) on

Nice family photo! lord save them all!


Fariborz Jan,

by Milad (not verified) on

Doctor Navab does a lot for this community. He is a legend in Southern California. Please, do not cheapen yourself by making accusations.


Sense of family circle and unity...

by Anonymous-she on

A very nice picture to look at... While western society is encouraging the individualism, it is great to see still some Iranian families are carrying that sense of family circle and belonging, especially care and attention towards our elderly.

God bless all of you.


They are important to each other . . .

by kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Khak tou sareh kharetoun ke hata hazer nesten in etehado bayneh in khanevadeh bebeneen.


To Mr. Hossein2: Is the

by Fariborz (not verified) on

To Mr. Hossein2:
Is the talking of Mr. Navab to you @ UCLA is a service to the Iranian community???
Perhaps a servant to "his type" of community? Like his colleauges @ the so-called "Iranian Experts" or the Pro-Jewish Democrats backing up Hillary Clinton & etc..?
It is all matter of gaining some false fame.


Mr. Navab, Thank you for all you do for the Iranian community

by Hossein2 (not verified) on

and may you and your family live in peace. I have talked to you at UCLA, you are a very unique and caring individual.


Self Impressed Snob

by Fariborz (not verified) on

Self Impressed Snob enough??
Typical of Mr. Navab's desperate moves.
Feeling sorry for him.


if my family

by me and dog named poo (not verified) on

get together is such a huge number, they will certainly get into a huge family fude, but you seem to be a happy family.

Good that you love each other....



by Anonymous2222222 (not verified) on

you can't find even one goodlooking between them


Afarin beh in Khanevadeh

by Tabesh (not verified) on

Happy 83rd Birthday Grandpa. May god bless you and I wish you a happy and healty living for many more years to come. Grandpa, you obviously got a very loving and supportive family and that is truly a point to be proud. Enjoyments and Cheers to all!!!