Naked in public

Man with no clothes stops traffic in Tehran



Oh man this is so sad. This

by Mas (not verified) on

Oh man this is so sad. This is awful. What could have gone wrong with this man ,so he decided to do this? Was he protesting agains something? Had he became crazy because of a trauma happened to him? :(


Tehran is different from Tokyo, Manhattan and Paris

by John Carpenter (not verified) on

I've lived and worked in Tehran most of my life. Crazy people are everywhere in tehran. People talk to themselves left and right. The Subway system is great. Internet service is slow, but it exists. If your rich in Iran you live well. The man in the clip is a typical man in Tehran who is not rich. God bless America. And why not?


Don't blame the messenger when the message is Correct

by John Carpenter (not verified) on

I just said it like it is.
You don't know my mother.
I will not offend your mother.
Why were you upset?
Are you from a village in Iran?
I, as a Tehrani, give you permission to come to my City and sweep my streets. Are you happy now?
God bless America. And why not?


Fariborz needs a RAISE

by Anonymous1326 (not verified) on

I think they should hang this guy in public like other 200-300 that they hangged in last few weeks. mullahs should kill this guy especially because he showed his penis to all sighehs of mullahs and now the sighehs do not want to sleep with mullahs any more. this is outrageous. no one should be allwoed to show his penis to mullahs wives because theyt are all in love with the beloved penis of their husband. in fact, it is better to kill everyone who get naked anywhere in Iran even in their own bedroom. islamic republic should have a camera in every house to make sure no one gets naked even if they do not have any cloths to wear. and I believe islamic republic and especially mullah Khamenei should give a good "raise" if he can to Fariborz the M.D. for his hard work.


REPLY : Overdosed?

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D (not verified) on a matter of fact every medicin has its sides effects and some even produce advers reactions. this adversity by that "Man" is not watched by the other 70 Million " fanatic Mullahs " governing their country the IRI. So they are convinced that it were not appropriate because of only ONE adversity to stop the treatment which they voluntarily and under the risk of their Life and blood experience daily.
2. it is not probable at all that those 70 million had any interesst on anything except the integrity of their country, freedom and peace for themselves. But it seems that they also know that a country allone can not have peace until all the nations have it. Greeting



by Faribors Maleknasri M. D (not verified) on

is he a Man in the sence of the females in the IRI = 2/3 of 70 Million " fanatic Mullahs" who governs their country? How many of those females who did have to watch the scene may have experienced a shock, being sick for days, sexually not interessted even for more days, not able to make love with their beloved husbands? And iranian Police is gentle by thicks as you mention. Not treatables must get a sentence. I think it is better for them and for the society. In western countries the little little girls get touched by a "good uncle", by Friends in Kindergarten and by friends of the family, later by teachers and priests. so we met a lot of women who are - as they in farsi say - HASHARI. It means these females can not controll their sexuality because they have not got the possibility to learn it. they can not wait till a beloved bridegroom is come, so they know nothing about true love. And the western men just need this kind of "sweet" women. and that is the reason why they intervene savagely und critisise wildly the girls circumcision. the critoris is taken away and the woman is of a vaginal sexual type. it is performed as the child is very young. So she never likes to be touched and later is she rarly HASHARI. It takes wunder that the western women are beasy to defeat this unhuman ( as they name it ) action to girls in Africa. Anyway I think one can through correct and beneficial education reach the same aim and taking away the clitoris ( CHOCHOLAK in Farsi, what a nice word ) is not most appropriate. Greeting



by Faribors Maleknasri M. D (not verified) on

Because the one who do that is of a simple pyschological Structure, easy minded, easy of access, easy on language ( strictly not typical for Iranians with their farsi ) easy on everything BUT: savage, he pays no consideration on other Poeple, pays no courtesy on the Road, she/he is taugh, ruthless, take drastic actions and drastic measures, these individuals are thoughtless. The sum up is: these persons are sick, they need a treatment. since the treatmentcosts are too high so I assum this is the reason why those 70Million "fanatic Mullahs" who govern their IRI perfere the prevention. One of the Preventionmethods is the HEJAB E ESLAMI and forbiding the transfer of ones sexuality on to the Public AND simultaniously forbiding any kind of Intervention in the sexuality of other poeple.
What I have expressed hier is no special Knowledge, but just only general. every schoolchild in IRI is informed about these associations.
May I please also ask YOU a question? In what time have been your ancesstores in Iran and what was the reason they leaved? since you mention this point yourself so I am conviced my question is by no means indiscrete. Knowing the dates helps to understand you better. Greeting.
P.s.: As I had the apportunity to visit the site the video was not available any more. I am convinced I have not miss anything worth to watch. Greeting again.


not make me surprise at all

by Anonymous78 (not verified) on

you better came to Canada not just one also some times 5 or 8 man are going naked and playing with own in public front of the every body because they are Gay and they are free by law , we just have one of them in Iranian he walking naked front of the others on photo 32 and 33


Poor guy, this is very

by la (not verified) on

Poor guy, this is very sad...
Whatever's caused this it's very sad...



by Abel Hassan Danesh (not verified) on



A Man

by Abol Danesh, University Professor (not verified) on

That was the handle of Messiah and I want to personally thank the kind and the gentle Iranian police forces to cover their man into the production for safety...


John Carpenter's Mother used to run around naked

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

in the shahr-no of Tehran.


To John Carpenter

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

First of all, this guy looks like he is having a really bad trip on some real bad shit he smoked, snorted, injected, or whatever he did with it. It is very sad to see an Iranian youth, or any youth for that matter, in that state, because of the socio-economical factors that drove him to use substances to get to that state.

And as for Mr. John Carpenter; you don't have the slightest clue what you're talking about pal! Sounds like you're grossly out of touch with that land. He is not a typical Iranian in Tehran....! Which Tehran did you live in? I don't know what neighborhood you're from but I've lived and worked in Tehran and had never seen a naked guy beating himself up. Yes, occasionally you see people in the street with mental problems, just like yous see them in Manhattan or Paris, or Tokyo. I advise you to get your facts straight before commenting on a sensitive issue.


He's definitely is

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

He's definitely is so sad and I agree with the other commentators that what is sadder is the people filming him laughing!!!


the naked guy is obviously

by msan (not verified) on

the naked guy is obviously psychotic but people who filmed him and were laughing at him and making stupid comments are real psychos!


RE: John Carpenter's comment

by IROONI (not verified) on

As you can see, every person who commented on this video is saddened by it.
Anyone with a little humanity would !
Only a SADIST would wish to see another human being out of their mind run around naked for his pleasure...


Typical Iranian in Tehran

by John carpenter (not verified) on

It is typical to see a person like this in Tehran. My ancestors for over several centuries were from Tehran. As long as tehran has been the capital my ancestors have lived there. People from all types of villages come to live in Tehran. the guy in this clip is crazy. It is safe to say that he should not be in public. I would not say this if he was a rich woman from the North of Tehran walking around nude. Why not? Because a wealthy northern tehrani woman from Niavaran, Velenjak or 2 or 3 other places in the capital has enough money to spend on herself. She has a great looking nose, a great boob job, the high llights in her hair and the thin slamming body with the J-Lo butt is a sight for sore eyes.
God bless America. And why not?


Reminds me of Baltimore

by Bmore (not verified) on

He reminds me of the laati people in Baltimore. Anyone from Johns Hopkins knows what I'm talking about.....


Sad and sadder

by Anonymous121 (not verified) on

Its sad to see a man whose clearly lost his mind. Whats sadder though is the assholes filming him and laughing and enjoying the site.

Niki Tehranchi

I don't know what's more disturbing

by Niki Tehranchi on

the fact they are laughing at him, or that they lay him down in the street (not even the sidewalk!) with cars driving by inches from his head!


The poor guy has had an

by Anonymous1326 (not verified) on

The poor guy has had an overdose of "islamic republic" trying to take it on himself and his own penis! maybe he is angry that why he does not have the "stuff" that mullahs are interested in or could be traded in Persian Gulf states with pimping of mullahs!


eh oui !!

by IranFr on

bichareh aghalesho az das dadeh.

 man version e zanesham didam dar youtube !!



high on drugs

by Anonymous 2008 (not verified) on

The poor guy is so high on drugs :(