Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale

Iran only country supporting sale of human kidneys

Iran is the only country in the world where the sale of human kidneys is legal and supported by the state. Once every ten minutes, a young person takes advantage of the practice by walking into an official kidney referral agency. "Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale" closely follows every step of the process - from haggling over the price paid to the operation and removal of the kidney.

Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale


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Rosie T.

The "West"

by Rosie T. on

Cheney/Khamenei is the same person.  They are Siamese twins separated at birth, and now happily reunited.  Reganomics is Khomeiniomics.  There is NO difference. With or without hijab, totalitarian capitalism is the same thing, whether in "western", Islamic, or communist dress.  Hence, ditto for state-capitalist China. And their organ sales of murdered dissidents to the "West."


Rosie T.

The dire problem...

by Rosie T. on

is the un/underemployment rate which is driving people to cut up their own bodies for money. Last I heard about 75% of Iranians were un- or severely underemployed (such as people with Masters degrees delivering pizzas...).

Probably it's good for the recipients to  have easy access to transplants, but the donors should NOT be driven by this kind of desperation.  What happens if you donate a kidney and then your OTHER kidney fails?  Ah, no problem!  You cough up three thousand bucks and become a recipient instead of a donor!

That's what you get when you have a regime that follows in the footsteps of  a man who proclaimed that the science of economics was for donkeys.  



The West is thinking about doing the same thing ...

by IranIrooni (not verified) on

First, I do not agree with what Iran is doing. However, to all of you shysters and lying muthafuckas that will jerk off to anything anti-Iranian, fyi .. the West has been seriously considering doing the same thing ... //

Oh yeah, after your dreams come true and the US and your second homeland, israel, bomb Iran, don't even think for a second that you can go back. For supporting another invasion, you'll get nothing out of it. In fact you will make everyone more angry. Its all a vicious circular trend, create more anger, the more you'll be hated, the more you'll support your shysters to bomb, the more anger you create, the more you'll be hated ... and on and on.


A practical solution to a dire problem

by Anony2 (not verified) on

This can help eliminate long waiting lists for transplant candidates. However, it ought to be carefully regulated by the government to minimize abuse.


Uh, This is JUST so unacceptable and should be stoped

by BIG GLOBE (not verified) on

It is not unique.
Look at US veterans. Who will kill for money!
The give arms, legs and soul for a decent dental plan.
And if they get shot before end of their contract they have to pay the US government!


we sale are blood in canada and in USA

by from canada hajiagha (not verified) on

in 1999 I was living in Toronto and a guy from India he was selling own blood at hospital I try too but I was not strong , body for this job poor , homeless , unemployed all over the world. talk about some things is right like why mullahs are stolen are money...
student and college or university in Canada some of them selling own body sex to pay high cost of the study...but in Iran I know some university is free



by Anonyed (not verified) on



Welcome to ISLAM e AZIZ

by choskhor (not verified) on

Listen to Khomeini's speech in BEHESHTeZAHRA again. what a holy man.


A lot of facts are missing

by Anonymous33434 (not verified) on

A lot of facts are missing here. Who buys the kidneys? hospitals? individuals? 3000$ might be a lot of money for the donor but it's not that much for the seller. So is it impossible to believe that poor people can put together 3K (from family and friends) and save the life of a family member? I don't think so. I bet the recipients are from all walks of life. Besides, it's controlled rather than on the black market. So that's great. Most importantly, drop the drama for facts: I want some stats please.


Iranian Kidny

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

please just a question: what happens with the explanted Kidnys?
the first Kidny-Transplantation-center in Iran was founded in the 7ties in the University of Tabris bevor the Islamic Revolution. In the 8ties imported Iranians Kidnys to compensate the defficiency and in order to have enough kidnys to transplantate. the eastern europians were the donatores. first of all east germany. the east germans got only "second class" kidnys transplanted. The iranians bought only and all first class ones. It is very important to know surely about the explantated kidnys. what happens with them? Since the best acceptore for a kidny is a near relativ of the donatore, so why should the donatore does not get mony for her/his action with high value on humanity? I think this is a question which must be answered plausibly and with very high credibility. First then can the site-user know if they must admire or can critisise. Greeting


Have no shame

by Painful (not verified) on

Monstrosities of the I.R. is endless with no boundaries at all. It is so painful to see so many desperate young and innocent people in iran being robbed of their rights and their shares of country's wealth, while regime leaders digress and deceive by calling for justice for non-iranians while forcing deceptive morality down people's throats.