Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities

U.S. National Intelligence Estimate

DOWNLOAD: Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities November 2007

BBC: Iran appears "less determined" to develop nuclear weapons than previously thought, US intelligence officials say. Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 but is continuing to enrich uranium, a National Intelligence Estimate assessment has concluded. Enriched uranium is used in nuclear bombs but Tehran says the aims of its nuclear activities are peaceful. A senior advisor to President Bush said the report was "positive" but the risk of a nuclear Iran remained "serious">>> DOWNLOAD



My Iranian Friends

by Dr. Henry Kissinger (not verified) on

I would like to share with you a secret. This whole business of the new "NIE" on Iran's Nuclear Weapon Development is because of only one thing:
George W. Bush made a "deal" with your Mullahs: You Stop the Killing of our Soldiers in Iraq; and we will tone down the rheoteric on your "Nuclear" Program.
"CNN" reported over the weekend that US Casualties in Iraq are "down" dramatically since June. Also, the Casualties for The Iraqis, Dead and wounded, are also significantly down.
My message to all of you Neo-Cons and Iranians who want US to invade Iran: "Don't Hold Your Breath".
The "Mullahs", through their "Craftiness", have managed to come to some kind of a "Grand Bargain" to avoid being toppled.
Let's call it the "Deal of the Century".


IThey will start another lie soon

by Alborzi (not verified) on

It was clearly a lie from the beginning. They made Iranians
like this 7" supermen and the good guys had to go to rescue. Last summer when I was in Iran, I did not see a single fighter jet or a kharkeshi car. It was a conspiracy from start, if I could tell, certainly CIA could too, however wait and see they will start another campaign and do not underestimate how dumb the Americans can be, you remember all the lies about Iraq that came to light, they still believed it about Iran, Its very Interesting here too the attacks is always on mullahs, its how they justified Iraq as Saddam Hussein and he was the loo loo then.


u ppl think what u're

by Anonymouswerwer (not verified) on

u ppl think what u're saying. if iran get's bombed, it wont be mullahs who die first. it will be the 8 yr old kids just like in the 1980s.

use ur brains damnet


Defend Iran against Zionist virus

by Iranian patriot (not verified) on

Since when did become a haven for Muslim-hating and Goy-hating Yiddish vermin? Find those Zionist animals who want to bomb Iran and kill them the same way that the Saddam-supporting Rajavist scum were killed in the 1980s. Long live Iran! Down with Zionist and U.S. puppet subhumans!


God Bless America! So, when is America going to start bombing

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

the Islamic republic? Bomb all the mullahs, bacheh mullahs, relatives of mullahs, supporters of mullahs, IRGCs, Basijis, mosques, and all things and everything that has to do with Islamo-fascists!?

Death to Islam and the Islamic Republic!


Shameful Face Saving!

by No Mozdoors of America (not verified) on

This is a victory for the Iranian people now that the US acknowledges yet another of its shameful blunders and publicly declares goh khordam, ghalat kardam. And those pseudo-Iranians Lashkhors who were dreaming of Iran being bombed by the US should go to hell now!


Irrespective of the nuclear issue,...

by No Mullahs (not verified) on

The mullahs and their thugs must go, six (6) feet under!