Bill Mahr on Ahmadinejad

The panel consists of Congressman Rahm Emmanuel, Professor Eric Dyson and writer Pete Hamill (September 28, 2007)



Iran in NOT Iraq or Afghanistan

by Bagher R. Harandi (not verified) on

Iran is NOT Iraq or Afghanistan.
Leave Iran alone!



by L Pourhamidi (not verified) on

To all morons who call democratically elected president of Iran a bad guy. Ask what has he or Iranians done? Whom have they hurt? They had a revolution in 1978, while 8oooo Americans were residing in Iran at the time. Not ONE, I repeat not one was harmed , they all safely left Iran, they have never attacked or invaded any one. Why don't you all tell the truth, the fact is our media is setting up United States to do the work for Israel, because our little brat does not like his yesterdays playmate today so they run to big bad Mom and ask to beat up the playmate of yesterday who has become the boggy men of today. Does any body ask themselves, why are we interfering with Iran. Do not like them get the hell out of their lives and stay there.



by hajiagha on

Iranian artist
از وزآرت بازرگانی کانادا به من زنگ زدند دفتر وزیر......آقا شکایت شما منطقی نیست ما با حکومت ایران رابطه تحاری مثبتی داریم و......برا ی همین هم مرگ زهرا کا ظمی مشکل شما ایرا نی ها ست نه ما......ما هر کی پول بیاورد به کانا دا ....با خیر شر اون کاری نداریم......


Ahmadi nejat or

by Some1 (not verified) on

Great show no dobt of fare speak, humanity and respect, i wish all american will think that way toward world.


Bill Maher is a man

by Me (not verified) on

Bill Maher is a man. Great show as always.