Should the Cyrus Cylinder be loaned to Iran?



BBC: Iran has said it will cease cultural co-operation with the British Museum if a treasure is not loaned to the nation. The Cyrus Cylinder is being held by the museum because of Iran's "post-election situation", an Iranian official told the country's Fars news agency. Hamid Baqaie said the museum's pledge to send the Babylonian artefact at another date was "just an excuse". The British Museum said its trustees "reaffirmed their intention to lend the Cylinder to Iran". Their statement added: "There are a number of issues and practicalities to be resolved, but the intention is to send it as agreed."

What do you think? Should the British Museum loan the Cyrus Cylinder to the Islamic Republic?

60% (367 votes)
38% (229 votes)
Not sure
2% (12 votes)
Total voters: 608

12-Oct-2009 (36 comments)

dingo daddy En passant

The British

by dingo daddy En passant on

Redwine, I'm not a nokar and I hate the IRI. But I hate the British even more. I support this loan on principle.

This treasure belongs to Iran, in Iran. IRI would be foolish to do something to it on purpose. The British don't care about its safety, they are just afraid they won't get it back.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

33 votes going to 'Yes' until now ! meaning  we have 33 damn I.R supporters over here !

Down with jomhuri-e eslami and all I.R nokars .


The Arabs in charge of Iran will destroy it.

by پیام on

Like the Cyrus tomb "restoration".



by Kambiz_Se on

IRI just want to destory it somehow, it's better that stays with the first thief



by yolanda on

I am one of the voters who voted "not sure" so far.


     OMG, I have never thought about in my wildest dream that IRI might use Cyrus cylinder to shield against attacks. You have a very vivid imagination!


Multiple Personality Disorder

There are two questions, the 1st one is "What do you think?"

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I was able to answer the 2nd question, "Should the British Museum loan the Cyrus Cylinder to the Islamic Republic?", but I didn't see a place to answer the 1st question, so I'll do it here, I think I lot of thoughts but in regard to the 1st question, I think the British Museum should hold on to the Cyrus Cylinder with their life.  There was a case in Turkey; I can't remember all the details now, maybe I can dig it out later, but anyway, after years of legal battles a precious piece of artifact of a worldwide heritage was returned to a rundown local museum in Turkey that did not have much security.  Within a short time the artifact was stolen, and as far as I know it has not been found yet.

What if IRI decide to keep this precious artifact and decide to display it in one of their nuclear facilities to prevent Israel from bombing the place?  Would Israelis do it?  Will they destroy the declaration that freed them from bondage?  It's a big dilemma.  I think the Cylinder is safer in England.