Iran sacks diplomat accused of Brazil pool abuse
22-May-2012 (8 comments)

The Iranian government says it has sacked a diplomat accused of molesting at least four girls at a swimming pool in Brazil.

The official, Hekmatollah Ghorbani, was arrested last month following the alleged incident at a sports club.

He was freed later after invoking diplomatic immunity, but was recalled to Teheran.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry says an investigation found that his behaviour was contrary to "Islamic moralities".

The incident led to official protests by the Brazilian government, which has good political and trade relations with Iran.

Brazil's Foreign Minister, Antonio Patriota, said the allegations were "very worrying" and asked Iran to investigate.

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by yolanda on

Hi! HG,

    Your post makes me think:

a distinct feature of shiism is that there's always a way out from a predicament for a man.  "don't commit a sin..... but if you do, then...."  a man can always buy itself out from the most heinous sins (crimes). 

IRI does not allow Valentine celebration and calls it a Western invention!.......but they invented "sigheh" (temporary marriage), they can fornicate all they want, they can do the exactly the same thing that Obama's bodyguards did in is still ok!

The stoning really needs to be abolished! Hopefully they can't find any Iranians participating the barbaric acts! We need to ban stoning 1st before we ban nuclear weapons!

Dr. Mohandes

Hey HG

by Dr. Mohandes on

Did Mr. meini made any mention on what to do with the sheep once, you know...the man is just sitting there by the pool and oh...just thinks of his old days when he was younger and decides to Change things around and do something about the dry spell he happens to have befallen him?:)))

I am sure the bozo had something very intresting to recommend! Is that not part of their curriculum in Gozeye elmieh to mess around with these creatures? what do they call it?...ahh yeah. Advanced Mammalian Anatomy 6000.

hamsade ghadimi

yolanda,  a distinct

by hamsade ghadimi on

yolanda,  a distinct feature of shiism is that there's always a way out from a predicament for a man.  "don't commit a sin..... but if you do, then...."  a man can always buy itself out from the most heinous sins (crimes).  khomeini's book of tozihalmasael is full of sinful scenarios that one should not commit.  and then he offers how to remedy it in case one couldn't help or by chance committed a sin.  not so for women who had a special place deep in his black heart.

for example, for the ultimate punishment of stoning to death, when a man is subjected to it, he is only buried to his waist.  if he can dig himself out, he is set free.  but the woman (with less upper body strenghth than a man) is buried to her chest.  i don't think there has ever been a case of a woman escaping stoning; however, there are many documented cases of men escaping.



by yolanda on


Thank you, HG!

I started to "empathize" with this dude more!

I was wondering why he picked the 9 years is no coincidence!

Thank God IRI stoppped saying the "cultural differences" made the guy do it!

hamsade ghadimi

i think khomeini explained

by hamsade ghadimi on

i think khomeini explained ghorbani's situation at length in 'tozihalmasaael:'

"one should not swim in a mixed pool; however, if one, by chance ended up in a mixed pool, (s)he should not touch the private parts of anyone from the opposite gender.  however, if one is complled to touch the private parts of a person of the opposite gender, one should make sure that the person is of age (9 for "women" and 14 for "men").  and god forbid, if a muslim conducts this sinful act, he should donate 6 sheeps to the mullah in its neighborhood.  if by chance, he touched a girl (8 years or below), he should donate 12 sheeps.  if the guilty party is a woman, she shall be stoned to death."


He Probably Got a Promotion

by Faramarz on

I seriously doubt if this guy got fired. He probably got a better job in the IR apparatus.

To Mohammad's followers, what he did was not a sin; it was a trophy that you get in the foreign lands.


morale of story for shia mamoors & mamooreh:

by mousa67 on

hold each others hands. take a dive to chill. but dont, i repeat dont touch the kids in the pool unless you want your a$$ kicked all the way back to gaza strip or tehran. 



by yolanda on

Thank you for posting this news article! I have not forgotten the ugly episode! I am glad a child molester is fired! I feel bad for his wife and children!