Despite tensions, US rescues 13 Iranian seamen from pirates
msnbc / NBC's Jim Miklaszewski
06-Jan-2012 (6 comments)

Casting aside current tensions between the U.S. and Iran, the U.S. Navy on Friday rescued 13 Iranian seamen who were being held captive by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Oman.

A Navy helicopter from the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis, responding to a distress call from a merchant ship under attack by pirates, chased the pirates to their "mother ship," an Iranian-flagged dhow that had earlier been hijacked.

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More detail from New York Daily News:

The Iranian dhow Al Molai, however, had been hijacked weeks before and its crew held hostage while the pirates used it as a disguised mothership.

Perhaps seeing the U.S. chopper, the Iranian skipper managed to issue a distress call via radio. The Kidd sent in the cavalry, as it were: an armed small-boat team.

Confronted with Yankee firepower, the pirates surrendered without firing a shot. They were arrested, and along with their former captives, received food, water and medical care, the Navy reported.

“The Captain of the Al Molai expressed his sincere gratitude that we came to assist them,” said Josh Schminky, a Navy investigator on board the Kidd.

“He was afraid that without our help, they could have been there for months.”

*************** The Iranian skipper is smart that he issued the distress call to Americans!

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IRI's navy was busy closing the strait of Hormuz, did not even know their own people were held hostages for 40 days........the irony is that the "enemy" had to liberate the hostages for them!

I just checked Press TV, they never mentioned a word of the incident! I understand that they don't want to glorify the "enemy"!

I am glad that the hostages are set free and pirates are captured!

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Ahhhh...the irony

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SOS...SOS...SOS...Marg bar Amrika!

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Now we know why the US Aircraft Carrier was rushing out of the Persian Gulf and towards the Sea of Oman!



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CBS said:


Al Molai's crew (Iranian hostages) was detained for between 40 and 45 days, enduring harsh conditions and possibly being forced to assist the pirates in other operations against their will, the Navy said.

"When we boarded, we gave them food, water, and medical care," Josh Schminky, a Navy Criminal Investigative Service agent aboard the Kidd, said in the statement.


I hope Iranian navy can give their fishermen better protection in the future!