Egypt Protesters tearing down wall around Israeli Embassy
cnn / Mohamed Fadel Fahm

Cairo (CNN) -- Hundreds of protesters in Cairo on Friday were tearing down a newly built wall around the building that houses the Israeli Embassy, a show of political rage on another tense day in Egypt's capital.

CNN saw soldiers and police stand by as demonstrators tried to destroy the wall, built for the high-rise building's protection.

The makeshift wall surrounds another wall around the building. Protesters cheered the demolition and chanted for the ouster of Israel's ambassador. State TV said some protesters tried to scale the inner wall after they worked to take down the outer wall.

The demonstrators were among thousands of Egyptians who took to the streets Friday.

Many converged on Cairo's Tahrir Square to demand reforms in a turnout dubbed "correcting the path of the revolution." Egyptian state TV reported hundreds of people attempted to raid the Interior Ministry and large crowds of demonstrators have gathered in front of the state TV building.

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