Egypt: Suzanne Mubarak detained in corruption probe
13-May-2011 (19 comments)

The wife of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been detained for 15 days pending further investigations into corruption allegations, the state news agency reports.

Suzanne Mubarak will be held in a Cairo prison, Egypt's Mena news agency says.

Mrs Mubarak, 70, and her husband have been questioned over allegations of "illegal acquisition of wealth".

The former president, who held power for 30 years, stepped down in February after weeks of protests.

He has since been detained by Egypt's Illicit Gains Authority, on charges he abused his position to illegally acquire wealth. He is also accused of involvement in the killings of anti-regime protesters.

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Darius Kadivar

Afsaneh Jan thanks but My Monarchist Views have nothing to do

by Darius Kadivar on

With Egypt Which until further notice is still a Republic ...

As for Insults I did not insult anyone and definitively Not Paykar who started all this nonsense. I Took a Shot at an Entity calling them "Pedar Sookhteh" which I consider as Hypocrites ... That of an Anonymous Crowd of so called Revolutionaries who don't think for themselves:


Monty Python : What have the Romans ever done for us


but are the first to throw a Stone at anyone Who Does:


Monty Python on the Judean People’s Front


And This can be applied equally to Egyptians, Iranians, Europeans or Americans.  
Or anyother Entity in this Crazy world !

For I always said that as much as I believe in Individual Intelligence I am wary or Collective Wisdom.


It's not my fault if this anonymous Bloke Paykar aggressed me in the first place and used this forum to attack me and judge my Persona.  

He already was pissed off by another News Item and thinks that it entitles him to Stop People to Post their News Items as is Clearly Allowed by the Website since everyone can put the Title They wish on the News item they are posting  to reflect their opinion or interpretation of a given news. 

The Real Title on the otherhand should appear ( as a subtitle) ... That is the Tools which everyone if free to use.

That a given Blog or News Item should or not appear on the Front page has nothing to do with me. I don't choose what the Publisher of this website considers as being Pertinent or Not.

So Why do they keep making these recurrent Jealous Rants and taking Cheap Shots if not by Malice ?


It's Not my fault if I have been around for much longer than others and that my Blogs and articles over the past 12 years have left a track record visible to everyone. What's Stopping them to do the same ? 

Instead they allow themselves arrogantly to come here out of the blue and Anonymously only to Lecture me patronizingly as if they had Some Moral Upper ground  ...


Fred's latest Blog was Titled BILAKH  another person Pendareh Neek whose avatar is THINK BEFORE YOU ACT ( but clearly doesn't Think before he utters some stupid comment) titled an article on Golehsorkhi BEGOO MARG BAR PAHLAVI !


So many Cyber Bassijees here get to blog their stuff like Iranmilitaryforum without the slightest outrage from these Moralists making anti semitic comments ... 


Why is this Gentlemen not flagging them then ?


Is it because our Self Proclaimed Intellectual doesn't find that Shocking enough Perhaps to Iranian ears ?


HOLOCAUST A MYTH: Michelle Renouf on Iranian SAHAR TV




But personally I'm Fed Up having to put up with such nonsense and Personal Vendettas over and over again which are only triggered by JEALOUSY than anything else.



This fellow probably has an inferiority complex and needs his daily punching ball exercise ...


pictory:(FOR REFERENDUM BASHERS) Women Punched in Face by Revolutionaries



This is what I hate Most about these pseudo ANN TELECTUALS in general be it on this site or elsewhere. Hamid Dabashi being the perfect example when he attacks the likes of Abbas Milani or Azar Nafisi on a personal level without ever debating their ideas with which he disagrees.


The type of people who attack me are the same type who attack Abbas Milani without challenging his ideas.

I'm offering him as an example since I myself don't share his views but respect him as a scholar in his own right. I was the first to draw attention on his book on the shah and blogged much of his interviews when no one in particular was interested prior to his publishing of this biography.


If I was narrow minded I would have done what this Paykar and others like him try to do by trying to censor or discourage debate or worse.  


I have no problem with being made fun of or being vehemently challenged for something I may say or think. I try never to take it personally and move on. I have been insulted, threatened even got menaces towards my family and anonymous phone calls and emails over the years for the ideas I've expressed. 

I never made a big deal of it cause I think it is a fair game. When you name and views are known it is normal to get such responses from time to time.

But that is different from someone who wishes to preach some kind of Moral Stance as if he was some Teacher or Parent entitled by some Godly Right to be patronizing  and in addition tries to push me out of the website through various cheap shots and provocative comments just to marginalize me even further !


Ajab Rooyee Darand Vaghean ? 


Operatives of Iranian monarchist group Mohamad Reza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanpour confess to terrorist activities


They can even Kill us Off but we are not entitled to criticize them ? ...


Well that's Nothing New Is It ?


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Man Chased by Anti Shah Protestors During Shah's US Visit (1977)


Then they accuse me of having a Huge Ego ? Ego for what ? Do I blog or write about myself or my Family ?

Have I been writing about my accomplishments professional or personal on this website ? NO !

For it's nobodies business nor am I interested in others personal lives but what they write or what they say !

I only write about issues that interest me and Challenge people on their views when I disagree with them.

They are free to do the same ... Except since they run out of arguments they seek other malicious ways to get even with me like Flagging.

I have never been enthusiastic about this option available to everyone because people abuse this right and the editors are simply overloaded with such reactions that they don't even bother to read or follow what has happened and this then turns into an eternal frustrating exchange with people like the ones I mentioned above be it Q, Simorg5555, Sargord Pirooz or anyother ANONYMOUS bloke to come back OVER AND OVER AGAIN on the Same issue and they Just Won't Let Go !


So What am I to do given that I have been around for so long that this drives more people doing that to me than to others ?

Surrender ?

What does that say about them and their dubious conception of Democracy, Freedom of Speech, debate or sense of humor ?


Then you realize this fellow Paykar is over 50 or a retired bitter man who simply wants some attention and thinks that by taking a cheap shot at someone whose face or avatar irritates him it will give him some importance.

I don't owe these fellows anything nor do they owe me anything so they can go and Scram for what I care and spew their hatred elsewhere !




For Ultimately This is the Concept of Democracy which these pseudo intellectuals have in mind for others:


Three Monkey’s Hear no Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil


My Sense of Humor and Patience with these folks has it's limits !


For There is something worse than Vulgarity it's Hypocrisy ! 




Hafez for Beginners

17 points of view ?

by Hafez for Beginners on

I read that 17 comments were posted on Mrs. Mubarak. "I wonder what 17 variety of views might be posted here ... - oh, wait a minute, it's 3 guys fighting."

Dariush jan: Even though, personally, I'm not a Monarchist, I feel bad this woman had a heart-attack.

You are a monarchist, and it's interesting to have all these views, all these slices of "Iran" on the site. I agree with Shepesh, that if insults start flying, we've probably lost. It's OK though, get up, brush it off - and keep being you.

Egypt is going through an enormous change. I wish all its people, including Mrs. Mubarak, well.


Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Mubarak's Wife has a Heart Attack (cnn)

by Darius Kadivar on

Egypt's former first lady said to have suffered a heart attack (cnn)

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) -- Suzanne Mubarak, wife of toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, suffered a heart attack Friday after being questioned in a corruption investigation, the manager of the Sharm el-Sheikh Hospital said.

The manager, Mohamed Fatah Allah, said she had been taken to the intensive care unit.

The incident came shortly after Suzanne Mubarak was ordered detained for 15 days in a corruption case, the state-run Middle East News Agency reported.


Darius Kadivar

Hey JJ You LOVE Doing this to me don't You ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Encouraging the behaviors of the likes of Q, Sargord, Simorg666 now this fellow Paykar who most probably is Q under another disguise ...


I guess this is the way you thank people who contribute to enriching this site with content that generate hits and thought provoking debate ( or at least trying sincerely to do so for what it's worth in your Politically Correct World ) ...

By Remaining conveniently IDLE while we get Crucified ... 




Life Of Brian - ALways Look On The Bright Side Of Life!



Well KING OF THE WORLD at least I hope you are Enjoying Your Time on Easter Island or wherever you are heading next in this crazy world ! 






DK the Last and Only Mohareb Monarchist on the verge of extinction


Darius Kadivar

Shepesh Don't Call me Jaan we are Not Friends !

by Darius Kadivar on

So Get Off my Back Will You !




by Shepesh on

If someone talked to me in the manner below as you did to Paykar, I would have flagged their comment.  

"hiding behind a cowardly unidentifiable Avatar as a substitute to your ANONYMOUS Bold Stance you are Not qualified "

Darius Kadivar

It didnt stop you to endorse the hypocrisy you're denouncing ...

by Darius Kadivar on


and which is precisely what your friend did and is triggering this useless and time consuming exchange which is anything but a debate or an exchange of ideas on the news item which I had posted ...

Thank you for proving my point !


Shab Khosh !





by Shepesh on

As far as I am concerned people can have 100 Ids, as I am only concerned with their comment. This is a discussion site where we exchange of ideas, you said this yourself before. But what I do object to is hypocrisy.

Darius Kadivar

Clearly You need a Translation of Pashmo Sheesheh ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Marx Brothers Mirror Scene


All the more that Your unlikely Shahyad and Alborz Mountain Avatars are confusing no one on your Genuine Schizophrenic Identity but yourself ...






In my experience

by Shepesh on

Those who present themselves as virtuous are not the most pure, and should be under no illusions that we are not as stupid as you think. We can recognise the signature marks of people like that.


Just thought I'd use your smiley to remind you.

Darius Kadivar

Shepesh or whatever your name is ... I don't speak to

by Darius Kadivar on

strangers in the night


Particularly when they don't have the politeness of presenting themselves unsolicited ...

So Stick to Your own Business this is between me and Your anonymous Friend ...  



by Shepesh on

Since you keep bringing this ID and "fake" businss up in most discussions when you want to deflect from the subject in hand , are you telling us that people who use their name do not have other IDs?

Darius Kadivar

Maybe So Paykar Jaan but Unlike You and Your Shepeshoo Friend...

by Darius Kadivar on

MAD MEN - "I'm not a phony" 2.02


Shab Khosh Pashmo Sheesheh Aficianados  ! 


Thank you

by Paykar on

Shepesh. As if the way I communicate could be managed under multiple avatars without being detected. I speak my mind; larger egos than his( as if it were possible) could not silence me. I can dish out so much more than he can handle; but in deference to others, I will just let the content of the posts reveal our characters.

Thanks again for your moral support.


Paykar jan

by Shepesh on

Some pople cannot handle any form of criticism without resorting to intimidation . This is what they resort to - you are not "qualified" to say anything because you are an Avetar. Ofcourse WHAT YOU SAY is is not important, it's WHO you are. The logic of Einstein.



by Paykar on

You are full of yourself. I have no desire to have my blogs featured. I have one screen name.  I have family in Iran, I will never use my real name here.


Darius Kadivar

Paykar Before Lecturing Me Present Yourself In the Open

by Darius Kadivar on

Because personally I am fed up with Anonymous Bloggers hiding under multiple identities who come out of the blue  just to character assassinate me without ever reading me or having the courage to debate on the issues I bring up.

Other than taking a cheap shot or lecturing me on grounds that they themselves are Virtuous but don't have the courage of their convictions nor have ever contributed to Freedom of Speech over the years. 

Plus display hypocritical Double Standards when it comes to criticizing or flagging others:


بگو مرگ بر پهلوی


So before lecturing me on getting a Life ... Get A Cyber Life Yourself:

Blogs by Paykar



It may help you get over your recurrent jealous Rants of not seeing your contributions being posted on the Front Page too all the more that given this website's fluctuating editorial policies they may well end up there more often than your humble servitor in a near future !

Shab Khosh !






by Paykar on

I flagged the title of your post. 


Let me give you an example of politicall incorrectness vs biogoted attitude.

Chinese american - Oriental - Chink.

Where do you think your insult falls in?


Darius Kadivar

Wanna Flag me on This Too Paykar ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on