Iran's IRGC attacks anti-Assad protesters in Syria
21-Mar-2011 (5 comments)

Opposition sources said Iran has sent units of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to attack thousands of anti-Assad protesters in the city of Dera. They said IRGC transported hundreds of commandos via helicopter in what could mark the prelude to massive bloodshed.

"The IRGC landed before the killings, which means this is an intentional operation to massacre wholesale the people of Dera," the Reform Party of Syria said. "If true, the Syrian security in Dera has been penetrated."

Five protesters were killed by Syrian troops in Dera on March 18. The protesters flooded the streets of the southern city after Friday mosque prayers and were met by anti-riot and security forces armed with firearms and water cannons and supported by helicopters.

Tribal leaders in Dera have warned that they intend to destroy all military and security facilities unless the Assad regime withdraws its troops. In their statement, the leaders were not identified.

"If our demands are not met, all security centers in the region, including Military Security, Political Security, National Security, and Air Force Security may be burned to the ground," a tribal statement said.

The sources said the Assad regime has been bolstered by both IRGC and the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah. They said both foreign forces were providing anti-riot, armored and air support for Assad's military and security agencies.

Dera marked the bloodiest response by the government to the growin... >>>

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One of the sources (there were many , at the time) of this information was


There were also videos of attackes ,

 And here are piture of the same fat thugs taken on June 12 2009 (before election), in an attack on Mousavi's Headquarter




Iranfirst: Which agency has

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Iranfirst: Which agency has identified and verified these pictures? This is a serious breach??


Pictures of Terrorist Hezbolah in Tehran

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Dear Arab hezbolah member,

see some of the pictures of your few brothers inTehran. They are the fat ones in the pictures , fattened by Mullahs and Iranian people's money to defend IRI,Mullahs and Arab Islam. They attacked, beat and killed Iranians. We will remember them and and take care of them, once you mollahs are brough down by Iranians.


 here is more


ask your Basiji friends for translations to Arabic for you.



کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند


How interesting ! LOL!

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Since the Zio-fascists claim during the Iranian elections riots claiming that it was the Hezbollah members shooting at Iranians, the same non-sense story seems to have been manufactured for other similar events across the Middle East such as the following:

- In Libya the claim is that it was the Chadian, Nigerian and the Syrians that were shooting people. But interestingly the following report point to Zionists for fulfilling the contract of providing 50,000 mercenaries to Libya to put down the riots: //


- In Algeria, many claimed foreign mercenaries for killing of Algerians (//


- In Tunisia, the previous government blamed foreign mercenaries for the riots.


-In Syria, the IRGC is blamed to be the mercenary corp to put down the riotes there .


But what is fact is that while branding  Hezbollah, IRGC and so on as mercenaries to convince naive Iranians of such garbage, The true mercenaries who massacres Muslims across the ME are the Private US/British/Western security companies in Iraq and Afghanistan, GCC mercenaries killing Shiites in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and obviously never ending Muslim raping and killings on daily basis by the Zionists in Occupied Palestine.

The propaganda behind spreading garbage across the ME about mercenaries cannot not any more to mask  the real mercenaries in the region. ME is simply too smart for these novo colonizers!





Just as Hezbolah Terrorists Were Attacking Iranians in Tehran

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Terrorist regimes and groups such as IRI, Syria and Hezbolah rely on
each other to do the dirty work and kill and torture any opposition, as was evident in Tehran in 2009 and now in Syria