Iran’s Imdad Committee to assist poor Azerbaijani families /
13-Mar-2011 (one comment)

The Iranian Imam Khomeini Imdad Committee intends to undertake several activities on the occasion of its 32nd anniversary and the Novruz holiday, Baku office head Alihuseyn Abbasov told Trend.

He said the committee, as in previous years, will provide assistance, including 20,000 vegetable oil, 20,000 units of pasta, 18,000 kg of sugar and 16,000 kg of rice, to refugees and IDPs, the families of martyrs, the disabled, orphans, lonely, and a number of other low-income families.


Terror regime gives away more money abroad

by Simorgh5555 on

More than 70 percent of the Iranian population are living below the poverty line. Most Iranian workers are campaigning that they cannot buy meat and basic necessities.  Meansile the number of child street beggars have increased; the number of drug abusers, prostitution and domestic violence have increased. 

Where is all the money going? Where are those petro-dollars going?

To Gaza, Palestine and to relieve the poor in Azarbaijan for cheap political point scoring.