Kate Adie says Muammar Gaddafi has a head 'full of rubbish'
09-Mar-2011 (8 comments)

Kate Adie, the BBC's former chief news correspondent, has been speaking to BBC Radio 5 live to discuss the character of Muammar Gaddafi.

The journalist met the Libyan leader met many times in the 1980s, and said: "He's got a smart brain, but it's full of rubbish."

"Quite a lot of what he says comes from sheer ignorance," Adie told presenter Stephen Nolan. "He's pretty uneducated, and he makes these bizarre statements."

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by Rea on

We've gone from peaceful protests to tribes fighting for oil fields.

One thing I'd like to know is where they got their weapons from?

Darius Kadivar

Cameron rejects 'incompetence' claim over Libya ... LOL

by Darius Kadivar on

Areh Jooneh Amat:

UK PM rejects Libya criticism  (bbc)

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ahosseini Jaan

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You need to include your Youtube link in the following code ( but take the quotation marks off and the & )

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Also make sure no space is included between the different elements of the code.

I had to include "" and & in the above explanation otherwise it is impossible to even see it featured in this thread. 

If it doesn't work contact admin he can email you a clear explanation. 

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Baroness Ashton What's the use of a No Fly Zone ?

by Darius Kadivar on

What's the use of a No Fly Zone ? Do you think that will Stop Gaddafi from Spilling Blood through other means ? They can move in with Camels and Horses like on Tahrir Square except with paid mercenaries equipped with Machetes and machine guns to finish the dirty Job.

How More Gullible can You Get ? ...


EU foreign affairs chief calls on world to shun Gaddafi (bbc)



How do you embed video in your blog

by ahosseini on

Hi Darius

Could you advisehow we embed vido in our blog


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Look Whose Laughing Now ? It will end like The Munich Accords

by Darius Kadivar on

This will end like the Munich Peace Accords with the Humiliated Western Democracies Giving Ass to the Tyrant in hope of "Peace".


Munich Accords : Gentlemen’s Aggrement with Hitler


Obama,Sarkozy and Cameron are no better than Chamberlain, Daladier hoping for a"Gentleman's" aggreement with Bullies:





All we have are Schoolboys and Schoolgirls in Leadership positions !


When in fact we need More than Ever men of vision like Churchill:






and De Gaulle :




Khak Too Sareh Hamatoon ! 



Darius Kadivar

Mussolini said the same about Libyan tribal leader Omar Mukhtar

by Darius Kadivar on

LION OF THE DESERT: Anthony Quinn In Libyan Epic Funded By Gaddafi (1981)

Ultimately it was the Italians who were defeated ! 

 If you want to Beat an Enemy start first by LEARNING How He Thinks Not How YOU Think he Thinks ! 


He Who Laughs Last Laughs ... 

Darius Kadivar

Pure Intellectual Arrogance ...

by Darius Kadivar on

The Full of Rubbish is the English Journalist Kate Adle ... Gaddafi Clearly Knows what he says AND Does. He is Making a Fool of YOU Educated Experts who Know Jack about the Reality of Politics.


Gaddafi Made a Fool of the International Press last night for 8 hours in a Hotel in Tripoli where he was said to make a major speech only to leave without notice. All this was to distract attention from the Military operations on the Eastern Front. 


Amazing How all these Journalists and experts are Gullible ...


You should have watched the Tragic Comic of the whole Show.

Everyone says Gaddafi is Mad, actually He is a Genius ... a Sick Genius Certainly but a Brilliant Manipulator.

He puts to shame all these so called Middle East "experts" ... 


In the meantime:

« I don't know how many are dead - they tore Zawiya down to ashes” -Resident of Zawiya, western Libya 


To understand what I mean Watch and Read My Comments in Thread to the Related News I blogged below:

Col Gaddafi hasmade a defiant speech on Libyan TV, labelling rebels and opposition leaderstraitors. ( See BBC Report)