Arabs are tired of being laughed at by the modern world
fullcomment / Christopher Hitchens
02-Feb-2011 (3 comments)

Not long ago, a close comrade of mine was dining with a person who I
can’t identify beyond telling you that his father is a long-term
absolutist ruler of an Arab Muslim state. “Tell me,” said this scion to
my friend, “is it true that there are now free elections in Albania?” My
friend was able to confirm the (relative) truth of this, adding that he
had once even acted as an international observer at the Albanian polls

and could attest to a certain level of transparency and fairness. The
effect of his remarks was galvanic. “In that case,” exclaimed the
heir-presumptive, thumping the table, “what does that make us? Are we
peasants? Children?” The gloom only deepened, apparently, as the image
of the Arab as a laughing stock — lagging behind Albania! — took hold of
the conversation.

Who could have predicted that such a comparison would have turned out
to be such a catalytic one in the mind of this nervous dauphin? So
multifarious are the sources of grievance in the Arab world that it
could have been any one of a host of pretexts that ignited a revolt, or
revolts. This ought to make one beware of too glibly selecting the
ostensibly crucial one. Poverty and unemployment? These are so pervasive
that they could explain any rebellion at any time — and in any case
Tunisians are among the richest per capita in North Africa. Dictatorship
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For the bizzilionth time

by Cost-of-Progress on

One cannot be "racist" against Arabs! Arab is not a race - Semitic is  a race.

Guess what?

The Jews you hate so much are semtic too. So, military forum, as far as I can tell, you're not even Iranian and appear to be a self-hating arab. Better look for a real job dude. Your sugar daddy's days are numbered.





IRI scared

by IranFirst on

Dear Terrorist IRI supporter, I am sorry that your IRI and your barbaric Islam can's see the freedom aspirations of Iranians and Egyptians. As all can see the winds of changes are coming to the whole middle East , your IRI will not be imune from anager of Iranains and you can not kill and jail all Iranains. Your IRi is becoming weaker by the day economically, and more isolated from the civilized world, its downfall is just matter of time.


I am impressed!

by on

That how Iranfirst, a well known racist against Arabs, is now supporting them in their freedom.

Poor thing, has no where to go nor nothing more to write like before. Tel Aviv has been totally confused in its instructions to its paid agents? looking at what Iranfirst is resorting to, it must be!!!!!!

Prepare, for downfall of your heartland, the Zionist entity. It is already in the works. Heck, for all you know, Tel Aviv squares might be filled with Egyptian protesters this time there to take over the entity!!!!


;-)  as always!