Tunisia: President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali forced out
14-Jan-2011 (3 comments)

Tunisia's President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has stepped down after 23 years in power, amid widespread protests on the streets of the capital Tunis.

In a televised address, Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi said he would be taking over.

A state of emergency was declared earlier, as rumbling nationwide protests over economic woes snowballed into anti-government demonstrations.

Unconfirmed reports say Mr Ben Ali has left the country.

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G. Rahmanian

بزودي نوبت ايران خواهد شد!

G. Rahmanian

نظام ضد ايراني وضد انساني جمهوري اسلامي بزودي نابود خواهد شد. فشار تحريم هاي اقتصادي، تورم، نا رضايتي مردم از مشكلات روزمره و عدم وجود ازاديهاي دمكراتيك بالاخره دولت را از قدرت ساقط خواهد كرد!  باميد ايران ازاد!


Let Khamenei and company take heed

by mahmoudg on

Step down before it is too late, although in the case of Iran, since the legitimacy of Islam is in question at the moment, these guys will not go as easiy as Ben Ali did.  Hence i am convinced Iran needs to cleansed of the Mullahs by force with the help of the US/Israel freedom fighting forces.


Notice how Ben Ali was backed by France and to an extent America


Notice how they did not need "western support" to succeed? West only supports "democracies" if they serve their interest.