Habibollah Latifi’s Family Arrested; Concern Over Impending Execution
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
26-Dec-2010 (10 comments)

Following news of postponement of Habibollah Latifi’s execution, an informed source in Sanandaj told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that several members of the prisoner of conscience’s family were arrested by security forces on Saturday night. Additional information indicates that certain individuals who had accompanied the family in pursuing a halt to Latifi’s execution have also been arrested.

The source told the Campaign that Saleh Nikbakht, one of Latifi’s lawyers, has returned to Tehran. During the past few hours the Campaign has also received news of brutal force used during the arrests of Latifi family members.
Several sources close to the case told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that they are concerned the prisoner of conscience’s family were arrested in an effort to silence them while the execution is carried out. The authorities may not be pleased with the wave of publicity the family created around Latifi’s impending execution. Habibollah Latifi’s lawyers have not yet provided details about the postponement of his execution and next steps in his case.

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Mr or Mrs "no fear"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Your constant threats of murdering Iranain  people on behalf of islamist regime always make me laugh!

If you are so serious about your threats why are you hiding in the west, instead of say... Kurdistan? I think by calling yourself "no fear" you are trying to compensate for a serious issue!  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

No Fear


by No Fear on

Kurdish seperatist groups have had many chances to cooperate with the system whether it was in Iran, Turkey or iraq. It seems the only way they will stop killing innocent people is to have an autonomous region to call it kurdistan with its own parliament, government and flag, similar to the situation in northern iraq. They want to have their own foreign relations ( like dealing with israel ). But ofcourse, for now, all this is under the disguise of " fighting for democracy". You can only realize their true intentions when you look at the iraqi experience to give them what they want.

Would this be a good solution to you for our kurdistan?

kurdistan is a province of Iran and it has NO priority over other provinces. They have their own member of parliament who can discuss their regional issues in the parliament. They are free to elect their MP and to be active in their future. They are no diferent than persians, turks, Azeris, lurs, balouchs, etc.

But the problem is that they are used to armed struggle. They want to govern themselves under their own flag. This is called armed struggle for seperatism. The game is well known and the rules are known by both sides.

Once you decide to kill your opponent, don't expect mercy when you are captured. You who have decided to be a fighter, have sealed your fate by a bullet and you shall have it in return.

There is a difference between a person who goes on hunger strike and uses his pen as his gun than a person who plants bombs in public places. One is called a political prisoner and the other one is a fucking scum who should be put down swiftly.

PS: Your references on Ahmadinejad is vague and i can't find it relevent to this topic. However, i would engage you once i figure the point you are making.


well said, Abarmard

by MM on



Dear No Fear

by Abarmard on

Actions such as harsh punishment for those who might or might not be a part of groups is not any good. Here is a better way:

Most of the people who take the pen or arms to fight a system are intelligent enough to have read and feel helpless in finding a better future. A system must try to communicate with the leaders and members of opposition groups and actually give them voice to bring them on board.

Suppose that there is citizen who is captured fairly or unfairly and is in a prison. Before killing him and committing torture, government can put smart and intelligent members of its party to setup a debate. With providing films, history documents and objectives toward a better future, that most ideological systems held, try to investigate whether they can be reasoned with. The price in return is much more rewarding than creating hate and justify their actions for other members who have not been caught.

After the victory of Ahmadinejad, my main point against the actions taken by the system, from the justified or unjustified reaction to some of important population angry at results, the system shrank in size from its supporters by trying hard to eliminate the "other". A wrong move that has given the wrong result many times in countries such as Iran.

This is no different. Bringing on board a "separatist" who has taken arm is far more rewarding than torture and punishment that ultimately justifies their original harsh reaction.

In Mexico, a group of separatists were fighting a long war with the government. Once the government decided to investigate what it is that they are fighting for, the people in the region who had taken arms told the official representatives:" We don't have drinking water"...

In most cases once the voice and concerns are heard, the threat is gone. This is more important than creating a long term projects that helps the country, as it is not translated to general public. It is important to realize what it is that people want rather what it is that the system sees fit for the country. If the objective of making a better system disregards the immediate needs of its citizen, that objective will fail.

Simple and it is. But most primitive systems that have individuals who are not fit for the position making the decisions make this kinds of mistake and to limit problems they use force, in return force is what they will encounter in return. Society will not benefit. 


Lida Hessaami

آخرین اخبار از وضعیت خانواده دستگیر شده حبیب لطیفی

Lida Hessaami

آخرین اخبار ظهر دوشنبه

دوستان گرامی
من هم اکنون از درب خانه حبیب بر گشته ام
به آخرین گفته های "بهاره" خواهر کوچک حبیب و آخرین عضو خانواده، دیشب در
حوالی ساعت 21:30 قریب به 50 تا 60 نفر لباس شخصی از مزدوران اطلاعاتی رژیم
در حالی که خانه آنها مملو از مهمانانی بوده که برای اظهار همدردی با
خانواده حبیب به آنجا رفته بودند، به داخل خانه ریخته و پس از انجام اعمال
وحشیانه ای از قبیل پاشیدن اسپری فلفل، توهین و ... اقدام به دستگیری پدر،
سه برادر و دو خواهر وی و انتقال به بازداشتگاه اطلاعات نموده اند.
بهاره، خواهر کوچک او نیز پس از پاشیدن اسپری در چشمش و شوکه شدن از این
واقعه، بیهوش شده که این امر موجب گشته که او را با خود نبرند.
به گفته
خواهر حبیب منزل آنها تحت نظارت شدید ماموران امنیتی است و آخرین خواهش او
از مردم برای کم هزینه ادامه یافتن اوضاع این بود که فعلا و تا روشنتر شدن
اوضاع، از مراجعه انفرادی به درب منزل آنان خودداری کنند. زیرا خطر دستگیری
دوستان حبیب و فعالین بیشتری نیز وجود دارد.
از همه شما ایرانیان عزیز در داخل و خارج کشور این تقاضا را دارم که تلاشهایتان را برای نجات حبیب و خانواده اش چند برابر کنید.
تلاش کنید تا همه با هم از همه نهادهای بین المللی، حقوق بشری، اتحادیه
های دانشجویی و کارگری شخصیت های مترقی  برای آنان کاری کنند.
لطفا از پای ننشینید.

جان چند انسان در خطر است!

ظهر دوشنبه 6 دی 1389

Lida Hessaami

A Dedication to

by Lida Hessaami on

I'm pretty new to this site. Just saw an avatar with picture of Ahmadinejad  on this thread. This poem is dedicated to our beloved president, hope you like it.


این تحفه که احمدی نژاد است

با دانش و عقل در تضاد است

با کینه و جنگ یار غار است

با سازش و صلح در تضاد است

دیهیم و قبای این ریاست

بر کله و قامتش گشاد است

آن هاله نور پاش قدیس

بر زخم جهالتش ضماد است

گندیده کدوی پوچ بی مغز

نقشینه حباب پر ز باد است

هان عقل مگوی  بار  هیزم

یا کوه یخی در انجماد است

در یوزگی مقام رهبر

بی شک کمی از سرش زیاد است

شیادی و مکر و مار گیری

بس رایج و رو به ازدیاد است

صد دکه ابلهی است  بر پا

دکان خرد ولی کساد است

از سکه فتاده بار دانش

خر مهره نمای این بلاد است

سودای خرافه گرم و پر سود

هنگام مریدی و مراد است

از مکتب رهبر آمده است این

پس مانده امام " زنده یاد" است

با دانش و عقل در تضاد است

این تحفه که احمدی نژاد است



این تحفه که احمدی‌نژاد است، شعری از اسماعیل خوئی

Lida Hessaami

On crimes of Islamic Republic

by Lida Hessaami on

Warning these pictures  are not suitable for youngesters.

Crimes of Islamic Republic according to pictures:



Islamist regime terrorists angered and frustrated by....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

by the international outrage against planned murder of our Kurdish_Iranian comrade are now attacking and imprisoning his family as an act of desparate revenge. The typical reaction of these islamist cowards! The fact remains that Kurdish people have risen against the islamist regime and the rest of Iranians are joining them in this uprising. The islamist regime can do nothing about it and would only dig it's own grave by murdering more Iranians 

It'd be wise for the islamist regime leaders and supporters to join the ever increasing rank of their west residing ilk like "no fear" and make empty terroristic threats from the safety of their keyboard in kafir west, before it is too late...... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

No Fear

He should be executed swiftly, if guilty.

by No Fear on

We know he is a member of PJAK. What we don't know is whether he was involved in a terrorist attack or not.  However, based on what his lawyer says, Latifi was unable to provide proof of his whereabouts during a terrorist attack. The only thing his lawyer mentioned was that Latifi was at a secretive location?!

When you see the verdict to be  " Mohaarebeh ", that means his involvement with the terrorist groups is proven but the person is not cooperating with our intelligence ministry.

So, considering that IR has never been influenced by foreign public opinion pressure, the delayed execution could mean that Latifi has decided to rat out his comrades. Can you think of any other reason?

Don't feel sorry for these kurdish seperatist scums. I know a father who washed and buried his son's headless body which was transfered from kurdistan to Tehran. He had to identify the body by looking at the hands and feet. His son was just about to complete his two years mandatory military service with the IRGC.

Do not show any mercy to those who have decided to pick up arms against their own hamvatans. Hang them all from cranes.



by yolanda on

IRI wants to take away people's human emotions......they keep executing people, but they don't want to see the protests by the victims' family.......they want the families to "support" the execution......No way! 

Just like IRI has raised the gas price by 400%, but taxi drivers can't raise the fare.......how can people survive like that?

Thank you for posting!