Amnesty International urges Iran to stop execution of Kurd Habibollah Latifi, 29
26-Dec-2010 (6 comments)

Amnesty International has appealed to Iran to commute the death sentence of an Iranian Kurdish student who it says is expected to be executed on Sunday.

Habibollah Latifi, 29, has been found "guilty of waging war against God" by co-operating with a banned Kurdish rebel group - a charge he denies.

The human rights group says his trial was held behind closed doors with no legal representation and was unfair.

It says Tehran should now "show clemency" and halt the execution.

Between 20 and 30 people protested on Saturday night outside the Iranian embassy in Paris against the impending execution. Several chained themselves to railings.

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To I.C.'s Admin

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

The character NF has consistently and on a regular basis insulted and denigrated Kurdish martyrs and political prisoners,  in every  single opportunity he gets. Doesn't such vile etiquette and conduct deserve censure ( as such acts from anyone else would)?

P.S. Thank you Mr. DK for posting this news item.

Free All Political Prisoners in Iran.

Stop All Executions in Iran.


sign petition here.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

For habibullah, the brave young Iranian kurdish political prisoner about to be executed by the islamist regime for no other reason than his political beliefs. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


miss/mr "no fear", don't you have any shame?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Even as an agent of islamist regime, your daily ranting  from the safety of your western residence, howling like a rabid dog for murder of Iranian youth on this site are disgraceful.

Habibullah has denied all accusations against him, despite severe tortures at the hands of islamist regime. Now are we supposed to disbelieve this brave kurdish patriot and believe the lies of the murderous islanmist regime and their cowardly west residing paid agents like you?

Habibullah and other heroic Iranian kurds are being murdered by islamist regimefor one reason only: Our kurdish brothers and sisters have rejected your murderous terrorist paymasters from day dot.

Long Live Kurdistan

Long Live Iran

Down with the fascist, terrorist islamist regime and all their cowardly mercenaries.

No Fear

Put him to death immediately.

by No Fear on

Habibollah was arrested in connection to multiple terrorist attacks in Iran.

His court was in the spring of 1387. He had two defense lawyers. One was Mr. Saleh Nikbakht and the other was Mr. Nematollah Ahmadi who defended the accused for 3.5 hours on the day of verdict. Both lawyers have admitted that the court proceedings were not behind closed doors.

Based on what his lawyer said, Habibollah has confessed to be a member of PJAK. He has also confessed to planting and remote detonating two sound bombs. One on the intersection of Ghafor and the other one in the freedom square in Sanandaj city. He also confessed to providing explosive material to other PJAK members which were used in the assasination of a Sanandaj court prosecuter. He admitted that he has distributed PJAK newsetters and propaganda materials as well.

What habibollah did not confess to was his direct role in the assasination of sanandaj court prosecuter ( who died in a car bomb), and a terrorist attack on a police station in Farjeh, Sanandaj.

However, few other PJAK members who were captured subsequenty after the terrorist attacks, have confessed to Habibollah's direct involvement in both attacks.

Based on these evidence , the first court felt the death punishment was the right decision even for the crimes Habibollah did confess to.

But his defense lawyers asked for appeal and they got it since Habibollah has not confessed to the main charges.  But its highly doubtful if this scumbag gets off the noose. Afterall, he did provide the explosives for the car bomb. That in itself is direct involvement.

His death will provide a bit of comfort to those families who have lost love ones to these terrorist scumbags.




by Why-Is-This-Site-Anti-Iranian on

I don't believe Amnesty International anymore - they used the case of a woman who admitted killing her husband to have an affair to defame all Iranians.  I saw the interview with the lady who killed her husband, and I saw the false way Amnesty portrayed the story.  




Waging war against God!!

by azadi5 on

If you spend a few minutes thinking about this phrase, can you come up with a logic for it, or what it even means? Suppose someone was actually waging war against god, why would it even matter? if god is so powerful he shouldn't worry about who wages war against him as they would be doomed anyway? this charge is sooooo stupid.